Company Form

Thanks for your interest in Japan Dev! We've put together this form to help achieve our goal of finding the best tech companies in Japan. Whether you want to provide more info about a company on our list or request to be added, you're in the right place.

Note: this form is intended for company representatives. If you just want to recommend a company you don't work at, please send us feedback instead.

Basic info

Salary data

Salary data is not strictly required, but it's highly appreciated. For new companies, including this will increase your chances of being added.

We show salary data as a range. The range must span 5 million yen or less (e.g. 10-15mil is okay, but 5-15mil is too wide), and it should represent the typical total compensation for a mid-career software engineer. In general, to be listed on Japan Dev we expect companies to be capable of paying ¥6-7 million or more for experienced developers.



This data isn't required but the more detail you can provide, the more helpful it is for us. Feel free to copy and paste from existing material.