What is Japan Dev?

Japan Dev is a job board that showcases tech jobs in Japan — mostly for English-speaking software developers.

You'll find hand-curated tech jobs at global companies and Silicon Valley-style startups in Japan. Most positions accept applications from outside Japan, and very few require fluent Japanese skills.

Also, we only post vetted positions that offer a positive work environment for foreign software developers and tech professionals — in fact, we turn away 90% of companies that ask to post jobs on Japan Dev.

So if you want to work in tech in Japan but avoid the negative parts of Japan's work culture, this site is for you.

Want to learn more about working in Japan? Check out our blog for actionable insights on finding top-tier tech jobs based on our own experiences working in Japan.

We also maintain a list of top tech companies in Japan. We want to help you find the tech job in Japan that's right for you — and avoid the ones that aren't.

Our goal is to help you achieve success in Japan. We won't be satisfied until everyone who wants to work in tech here can find a job at a company that values them.

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What sets Japan Dev apart?

We're incredibly strict about what jobs we post on our job board.

You may have heard horror stories about Japan's work culture. Long hours. Low salaries. Poor working conditions. And while this may still be the case at some companies, don't worry – you won't find jobs like this on Japan Dev.

We focus exclusively on diverse companies that value technology. We don't post low-paying jobs. We don't post jobs from companies with poor work conditions. In fact, we've set the following minimum yearly salary expectations for software engineering positions:

  • Junior engineer: 4 million JPY (~$40k) or above
  • Experienced engineer: 6 million JPY (~$60k) or above

These values are based on industry averages for top-tier companies.

We also require that companies provide information about diversity and inclusion. Each company must prove that they maintain a positive work environment for employees, or we don't post their jobs on Japan Dev. We only showcase companies that fulfill these strict requirements.

That's why our hand-curated job board can maintain such a high quality bar. Check it out today!

Company Overview

  • Company
    Japan Dev, Inc.
  • Office
    3-12 Manpukuji, Asao-ku , Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
  • Representative
    Eric Turner
  • Founded
    2019 (initially sole proprietorship)
  • Capital
    5 million JPY