ML Ops Engineer

  • Tokyo
  • Partial Remote
  • Full-time
  • May 27, 2024
5,000,000 - 8,500,000 JPY /yr
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Sponsors Visas
Language Requirements
Japanese: Conversational
English: Business Level
Minimum Experience
Junior or above

About the Role

You will be responsible for the back end development and operation of ML models related to speech recognition and NLP for our products. 

Our main focus is on providing value to users and delivering high quality products as quickly as possible. We value flexibility and the ability to utilize different resources, so we will consider the use of both external ML APIs and models developed in-house.

  • PoC of ML models.
  • Research, experimentation and modification of existing models to improve their accuracy.
  • Work with ML engineers to build infrastructure and to deliver ML models to the production environment.


Tech Stack:

  • Language (machine learning): Python
  • Language (back-end): Python, TypeScript 
  • Machine learning libraries: scikit-learn, PyTorch
  • Infrastructure: AWS 
  • Code management: GitHub
  • CI: GitHub Actions



  • 1+ years' experience in developing ML models
  • 1 year or more experience in back-end development using ML models
  • Japanese: Conversational level with the ability to communicate well.


Preferred Experience

  • Experience in back-end development using TypeScript
  • Experience with speech recognition and NLP
  • Experience in building MLOps
  • Experience with Kaggle


Work Environment

  • Hybrid or remote working 
  • Flexible working hours (core hours: 12:00-15:00) 
  • Probation period: 6 months
  • Two days off per week (Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, year-end and New Year's holidays, etc.) 
  • In order to allow flexible workstyles for our employees, we accept remote working. The frequency of office attendance varies depending on the team's situation. 



  • Transportation costs for communting will be subsidized. 
  • Health insurance provided.


amptalk's mission is to maximize the time people spend with each other and to create opportunities that did not exist in the world until today.

They aim to create a society where people can live more efficiently by accomplishing tasks that humans alone can not do.

amptalk develops and markets products that allow users to focus more on high-level sales activities and accelerate sales generation through the use of voice recognition and various AI technologies. They hope to help create more opportunities in the world by developing these efficient and effective sales tools.

amptalk’s mission is to create "a world where people are empowered around conversations”.

They are creating a world where each and every person is empowered by using software to streamline and eliminate unnecessary tasks, and by using software to do what people have been unable to do until now. Conversation accounts for a large percentage of people's lives in society, and the concept of negotiation is not only used in business negotiations, but also in all aspects of human life, including romantic relationships. Yet, many aspects of conversations have not been given much opportunity to be reevaluated. amptalk presents such opportunities through developing software to create a world in which each individual is empowered and all users are happy.

Why amptalk - "An exceptional team with a deep understanding of pain points"

amptalk is a product-driven team that respects each other and is committed to excellence. They are a team of people who respect each other and are committed to being the best. They work in a diverse environment of nationalities and languages, unlearning from past experiences and sometimes using them as ideas to provide innovative solutions for their users and to make the world a more amazing place. amptalk focuses on creating products that solve problems by removing the focus from unnecessary and uninspiring tasks.


MISSION - Maximize the time people spend with each other. The responsibility of sales and other customer-facing positions is to determine how much time they can spend with customers in a higher-quality manner. amptalk will unlock sales operations to maximize the amount of time spent talking to customers, and minimizing all the peripheral operations and communication barriers that are preventing the forementioned.

VISION - To create opportunities that didn't exist yesterday. The world is losing countless opportunities due to the inefficiencies of conversations and human behavior. By streamlining all sales-related tasks, such as training and administrative work, amptalk will create opportunities that didn’t have the chance to exist before.

VALUE - Issue Driven
Focus on solving society's problems rather than on what amptalk can do.

By learning, absorbing, and taking on challenges, ampwalk takes pride in their operations. They hope to create a framework for internal sales and development that others will want to learn from.

When mistakes happen, blame the system, not the people. amptalk believes in using the system to solve the problem without inconveniencing the customer.

There is a reason for everything. Let's be sympathetic to everything that happens inside and outside the company.

amptalk analysis - A tool for analyzing phone calls and business meetings
Linking with all communication tools such as IP phones and video conferencing systems, amptalk analysis automatically transcribes, summarizes, and analyzes business negotiations and calls and automatically outputs the results to Salesforce / HubSpot / Slack / Microsoft Teams chat. This automated and visualized online negotiation process is available for both online and offline business meetings.

amptalk assist - A tool for business meeting record support
The beta version of "amptalk assist," which enables data entry and retrieval in Salesforce through Microsoft Teams chat, has been released. The patented technology enables users to easily input and search Salesforce information as if they were speaking in natural language, even while on the move. While it is said that about 80% of companies only introduce DX systems without putting the systems to use, amptalk aims to promote the accumulation and utilization of sales data and realize sales enablement and sales DX promotion.

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