Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

  • Tokyo
  • Remote OK - Anywhere in Japan
  • Full-time
  • June 6, 2023
5,500,000 - 7,500,000 JPY /yr
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Language Requirements
Japanese: Business Level
English: Business Level
Minimum Experience
Mid-level or above

We are recruiting cloud infrastructure engineers to build the infrastructure for our AI platform.

This is a cloud infrastructure engineer position to develop an AI platform that "uses", "creates", and "runs" AI. 

 ▍About our products 

AI "Use": AI-OCR "DX Suite" and other AI and applications can be used easily with "Workflows". 

AI "creation": "Learning Center" for "creating" highly accurate AI with no code 

AI in action: AI inside Cube, an edge computing system 

Vision is "AI inside X". 

AI inside Company", "AI inside Factory", etc. We aim to create a platform where anyone can create and use AI "cheaper, faster, and more" by assigning people and things from all over the world to X. 

 ▍Current development status, issues, etc. 

Since its release in November 2017, "DX Suite" has grown to a scale that processes a cumulative total of over 1.5 billion requests. 

It has been optimized as an AI-OCR and has gained overwhelming support from customers. In order to evolve as an AI platform, we have started to develop Workflows and Learning Center. 

 Workflows" aims to be a service that can utilize not only AI-OCR, but also face recognition AI and AI developed in the "Learning Center" where AI can be developed with no code. The architecture has been changed to a microservice architecture, and the technology stack has been significantly changed, which is a major turning point for the development team. 

In addition, since the existing DX Suite is still the product that drives our business, it is essential for us to coordinate our development progress with the DX Suite as we develop new services, Workflows and Learning Center. 

As the development of multiple services and products progresses, you will be responsible for solving issues such as formulating development roadmaps, establishing development processes, and team building. 

 ▍Specific duties 

As a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, you will have the maximum discretion to provide upstream services such as technology selection, as well as design, development, and testing. 

 Technology selection (frameworks, middleware, other development tools, etc.) 

Architecture design (microservice architecture) 

Service infrastructure design 

Development and testing 

Agile team building 

Product release 

 ▍Development style 

Collaborate with designers and be actively involved from product visioning. 

In order to achieve both development speed and quality, it is necessary to establish a development style. 

 ▍Work you would like to be entrusted with in the future 

Lead and manager positions such as Tech Lead, PM, EM, PdM, etc. 

Fostering and instilling a development culture that is unique to AI inside 

 ▍What you will gain through this job 

The most difficult 0→1 challenge to build an AI platform that no one has seen before. 

Experience in building an advanced system that can handle extreme traffic, with an average of over 90 million requests per month. 

 ▍Main technology stack 



* CSS 

* JavaScript / TypeScript 

* Vue.js / Nuxt.js * Front main language 


* Kotlin 

* Backend main language / Java /Springboot 

* Go / Gin 

* Python 


* Terraform / Ansible / GitAction 

* Pattern: Microservices / API gateway 

* Container: Docker / Kubernetes * Computing : AWS ALB / EC2 / ECS / EKS / Lambda 

* Database : Aurora 

* Storage : AWS S3 


* GitHub 

* Slack 

 ▍Member composition 

The development team has a flat organizational structure, divided into small teams (units) of about 5 people. 

All decisions within the team's mission are made within the team. 

Experience in any of the following 

At least 3 years of experience as a cloud infrastructure engineer with a focus on AWS 

At least 3 years of experience as a backend engineer with interest in infrastructure-related work

▍Who we are looking for… 

・The person who is highly motivated to utilize technology that directly leads to social implementation and social contribution. 

・Candidates who are honest and upwardly mobile. 

・Positive attitude and enjoyment of a business environment that will change in about 3 months. 

・A stance of trying to make breakthroughs from a company perspective. 

・A person who is willing to work steadily until results are achieved.

AI Inside wants to create a world where anyone can easily create and use AI.

By bringing the power of AI to all people, they hope to build a more prosperous future. That's why AI Inside is building products like "AI Inside Cube", an edge computer to help realize all kinds of AI operations.

They also have services that help enable digital input, face authentication digitization and more – all using the power of AI.

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Cloud Infrastructure Engineer at AI inside
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