Web Application Engineer

  • Remote OK - Anywhere in Japan
  • Full-time
  • October 31, 2023
5,700,000 - 6,400,000 JPY /yr
Apply from Japan Only
(You must live in Japan to apply)
Language Requirements
Japanese: Conversational
English: Business Level
Minimum Experience
Mid-level or above

Recruitment Background

We are looking for a Senior Front End Engineer for "commmune", a platform that strongly supports community launches and drives successful customer success.

Customer Success and Community are still underdeveloped domains, and the way in which they are developed varies widely from company to company and end-user to end-user. Therefore, there is no right answer. In addition, we are beginning to expand not only domestically but also internationally, and our business and products are becoming more and more complex.

The key to success in this great challenge is "simple code/architecture" and "user experience" with a focus on the front end. There is a limit to simply relying on AI to provide a simplified UI. However, the current commmune is in urgent need of a solution to this issue, as the code accumulated in the past is hindering simplicity and user experience.

We need engineers who are motivated to contribute to this complex situation and create the best product possible. We believe that tackling this difficult challenge will be a great asset for front-end engineers in the age of AI.

Why don't you tackle challenges with a great deal of discretion and create the best products with our sincere members?

Let's work together to create a product that will lead to an exciting future!



  • Work with team POs to refine specifications to maximize value to users.
  • Actively participate in the development process, including feature development, code review, testing, and release
  • Collaborate with team members to improve the development process
  • Collaborate with other teams to improve the internal/external quality of the product.



1. 10 to 100 phase, but can move with great discretion.

  • This is due to the very strong culture/values of "always pursuing the essence" and the need for constant change. 
  • We will not limit the way you do things as long as you can deliver value to our users/customers/organizations. Whether you are following the career path you started with us or changing careers, we will actively support you as long as it makes sense for both you and the company. 
  • You are expected to face "questions you set yourself," not "tasks given to you. This challenging environment is sure to help you grow significantly. 

2. Honest members who have each other's backs.

  • We have many members who are honest and people oriented. This is not only for developers, but also for EM, PdM, etc. 
  • We have the soil to help each other, share goals, and create something of value. 

3. Contribute to "value creation."

  • Commmune does not have a front-end/back-end boundary. We encourage you to work on value creation in whatever form is necessary for your situation. 
  • However, we will respect your intention and characteristics. Therefore, we will not force you to use both the front-end and back-end. 
  • Depending on your intention and effort, you can become a full stack/full cycle engineer. 

4. There is a soil where people can work with spontaneity.

  • The company as a whole has a strong "results-oriented" culture, and as long as you can properly deal with your team and products, you are free to do what you want afterwards.



Basic qualifications

  • At least 5 years of experience in web application development
  • At least 1 year experience in TypeScript/Node.js development
  • At least 1 year of experience in agile development
  • Experience in implementing initiatives to improve the quality of the team/product and building a framework
  • Experience in designing, implementing, and releasing functions


Preferred qualifications

  • Experience in TDD practice
  • Experience in error and exception handling design/implementation
  • Experience in returning technical debt
  • Experience in incident response
  • Experience in external communication and contribution
  • English language skills at a level that allows for text-based internal communication


Ideal applicants

  • Those who share our Vision/Mission/Values.
  • Those who share the CTO's poem.
  • Those who want to create world-class products with their own hands.
  • Those who want to create change on their own, not wait for it to happen.
  • Those who want to broaden their skills beyond the front end.


Development environment

Technology Stack: TypeScript / React / Next.js / Node.js / Flutter / GCP

We use Scrum development with the following two goals in mind:

  • Creating a cycle in which teams learn and apply that learning to the next improvement
  • Accelerating the cycle of exploration and adaptation 

The development organization consists of multiple stream-aligned teams that produce results and SRE/QA teams that support them. Each stream-aligned team is staffed by a PO, who is able to execute their own cycle of exploration and adaptation. There is also an engineering manager who works across these teams. Some teams also have Tech Leads who solve problems not only for their own team but also across the board.

Team Features: 

  • After joining the company, you will be assigned to one of several web development teams. We will determine which team you will join based on your characteristics after you join the company. 
  • The team has many sincere and highly motivated members. We have many sincere and highly motivated members in our team, and it is a very communicative environment.


Work conditions

Employment type




Meguro Techno Building 2F, 4-31-18 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Japan , Full remote-work accepted (Also has offices in Osaka, Fukuoka, and San Mateo, California) Commmune allows full remote work from anywhere in Japan. But we also have an optional “office work day” every Friday — members can choose their own work style.


Apply from

Only Japan


Remote work

Remote(Anywhere in Japan)


Working Hour

Flextime schedule with core time of 11:00am - 4:00pm and a 1-hour lunch break. Remote work is possible (one day a week is recommended to come to the office).



Weekend, National holidays, Summer / Christmas holidays, Paid-leave, Sick-leave


Salary description

To be decided based on experience / expertise according to Commmune salary table

*Quarterly evaluation could change your compensation


Selection flow

Trial period: 3 months No change in conditions of employment



  • New Normal benefit (¥15,000/month) *No transportation allowance
  • Full social insurance (Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association)
  • Coverage for book purchases and seminar participation
  • Lending of both Win and Mac computers
  • Referral incentive system
  • Medical checkups, influenza vaccination
  • Subsidies for the purchase of services and products from companies that subscribe to commmune

Commmune helps companies reach their users through the power of community. Their SaaS platform enables companies to optimize their customer success using automation and no-code tools.

They were recently selected as a top-100 Japanese startup by Forbes, and opened a US office in 2022.

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