Senior Fullstack Engineer

  • Tokyo
  • Partial Remote
  • Full-time
  • November 12, 2023
8,000,000 - 11,000,000 JPY /yr
Apply from Anywhere 👍
Relocation to Japan 👍
(Overseas visa sponsorship supported)
Language Requirements
Japanese: Not Required 👍
English: Business Level
Minimum Experience
Senior or above


Position Description

We created our product 3 years ago and realised that it was no longer aligned with the business strategy. Therefore, last summer we made the decision to rebuild from scratch. We used this opportunity to move our FE stack from Vue.js to React.js as the team was eager to learn. We currently have 2 web applications and soon will have a 3rd, each with different user stories and challenges.

  •  As Tech Lead, responsible for technical decision-making for the scrum team
  •  Train team members through code reviews and pair programming
  •  Development project management
  •  Continuous improvement work to ensure service compliance, stability, usability, and flexibility
  •  Contribute to the creation of rules, best practices, and culture across the team


  • テックリードとしてスクラムチームの技術的な意思決定の責任を持つ
  • コードレビューやペアプログラミングを通じてチームメンバーを育成する
  • 開発プロジェクト管理
  • サービスのコンプライアンス、安定性、使いやすさ、柔軟性実現のための継続的な改善業務
  • チーム横断したルール・ベストプラクティス・カルチャーづくりに対する貢献


Key requirements

  •  5+ years of experience in web application development
  •  Navigator, negotiate challenges to find optimal solutions
  •  Able to work smoothly and autonomously in a multicultural environment 
  •  Good intra and inter-team communication skills 
  •  Valid work authorization or a degree in a related field for those requiring visa sponsorship
  •  Business level English 


  • 5年以上のウェブアプリケーション開発の経験
  • Backend開発の経験(Go or Ruby)
  • Frontend開発の経験(JavaScriptフレームワーク(React)を用いた開発経験)
  • 多文化環境で円滑かつ自律的に仕事を進めることができること


Preferred skills

  •  Communication skills in Japanese are highly appreciated 
  •  Intellectually curious and eager to take on new challenges 
  •  Interested in working on Business to Business development by leveraging your own development experience 
  •  Able to approach products from a user-first perspective
  •  Understand the back-end constraints and be able to design an API call



  • コーディングルールの策定
  • UnitTestのツール選定、導入
  • 開発環境の標準化
  • CI/CDパイプラインの構築


  • 知的好奇心が旺盛で、新しいことにチャレンジしたいと考えている方 
  • 自身の開発経験を活かしたBtoB開発に興味がある方 
  • ユーザーファーストの視点でプロダクト開発に取り組むことができる方

Tools for communication: Slack

Tech stack:

  • Languages: Ruby, Golang, Javascript, TypeScript
  • Version control: Productboard, Notion,GitHub,
  • Hosting: AWS, FirebaseL
  • Others: Docker, Redash,CircleCI,Rollbar,Figma,miro,Slack, Datadog, LaunchDarkly, CDK
  • Framework.Library: Ruby on Rails, React, Apollo Federation,Redis, Amazon Aurora Postgres

We are a technology company working on digitalizing international trading, and the first digital forwarding company in Japan (aiming to become No. 1 in Asia).

We are building a multi-sided digital platform which allows both customers (importer/exporter) and operators to efficiently and fluidly process international trade workflows, which are today processed mostly through human labor.

Our platform currently covers freight forwarding and we are aiming to expand our coverage throughout the international trade supply chain.

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