Test Automation Strategy Lead (AI/ML, etc.)

  • Tokyo
  • Partial Remote
  • Full-time
  • June 13, 2024
Apply from Japan Only
(You must live in Japan to apply)
Language Requirements
Japanese: Business Level
English: Business Level
Minimum Experience
Junior or above

Job Responsibility

This role is responsible for the strategic planning, technical review, implementation and execution of test automation, with a focus on system software and applications embedded in home entertainment devices. You will lead a multi-person automation team in the function for which you are responsible. You will develop the most suitable automation technology in line with the ever-evolving software technology and actively introduce cutting-edge technology and new processes in cooperation with overseas members. You will also lead the introduction of technologies such as AI/machine learning to further improve the efficiency of automation.


Organization & Workplace introduction

The department is currently focusing on test automation in order to support agile software development, and is working on improving automated test frameworks and infrastructure in collaboration with organizations and developers involved in software quality assurance in Japan and abroad. As we automate testing on our own platform, we can acquire knowledge of various software layers and can develop and propose new technologies on our own. As the platform is used by a large number of customers around the world, you will have many opportunities to see the products you are involved with in the media and on shop shelves, and you will be able to experience the role of your work in society.


Required Skills and Technical Areas

Essential Skills

Experience in one of the following (1) and (2)

(1) Experience in software design and development

(2) Experience in test automation design and development


Preferred Skills

  • Experience in development and QA of web services and smartphone applications.
  • Experience in automation using Appium, Selenium, etc.
  • Knowledge and experience in data analysis, machine learning and AI
  • Experience in agile development and testing work
  • Knowledge and experience of CI tools such as Jenkins and Docker


Ideal Candidate Profile

  • A person who is willing to introduce and implement various technologies in order to realize the essential ideal.
  • The ability to observe things from a broad perspective and think logically based on facts and data.
  • A mindset that is not bound by the existing and can challenge new ways of doing and thinking


Language Skills


TOEIC score of 700 or above

  • Communication in English is required (e-mails, teleconferences, overseas business trips).
  • Reading and understanding of technical documents written in English is required.



  • Business level – JLPT N1 or above













  • Webサービス、スマホアプリの開発・QA経験
  • AppiumSeleniumなどを利用した自動化の経験
  • データ分析、機械学習、AIの知識・経験
  • アジャイル開発・テスト業務の経験
  • Jenkins等のCIツールやDockerの知識・経験


  • 本質的なあるべき姿の実現に向け、様々な技術の導入と実践を進める意欲のある方
  • 広い視野で物事を観察し、ファクト・データに基づいて、ロジカルに考える能力
  • 既存にとらわれず、新しいやり方・考え方にチャレンジできるマインドセット



  • TOEIC 700点以上目安
  • 英語によるコミュニケーションが必要です(メール、電話会議、海外出張)
  • 英語で記述された技術資料の読解が必要です


  • 日本語能力試験N1またはそれと同等以上が望ましい

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Test Automation Strategy Lead (AI/ML, etc.) at Sony Interactive Entertainment
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