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LiNKX's mission is to create products that empower people, envisioning a productive society with technology.

Founded in a challenging era amidst the global COVID pandemic and significant changes in the environment, including the declining population in Japan, LiNKX is well-positioned to deliver productivity-enhancing solutions to meet these challenges.

They utilize digital and robotics technologies to solve their customer's problems so that people can respond rapidly to these changes and focus on what matters the most.

LiNKX offers both consulting and in-house products, sharing the same common goal: to create a productive society with technology.

Currently, LiNKX is developing a product, SMXpress, in partnership with SMX (Sumitomo Shoji MachineX) to bring innovation and finalize specifications for inter-company collaboration.

Here's the list of their other in-house products:

  • Digital Lab (computer vision system for factory process automation)
  • Hakozume Robot (collaborative robots to automate the boxing process for canned beers gift sets.)
  • Palletizing robot (a cooperative robot that automates the palletizing of workpieces weighing up to 20 kg.)

By joining LiNKX, you will be a part of a team of professionals who are mission connected, and that is to solve social issues and help people.

You will be trusted, empowered, and supported in professional and personal matters. Together, you can create a world where society goes beyond productivity and allows people to spend their time on what matters most.

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Founding Date
Mohamed Osamnia, Ph.D.
Global Employee Count
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Japan Headquarters
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  • Tokyo (Minato-ku)
Ā„1.2 billion
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