Engineering Manager

  • Tokyo
  • Remote OK
  • Full-time
  • January 12, 2023
9,000,000 - 12,000,000 JPY /yr
Apply from Anywhere 👍
Relocation to Japan 👍
(Overseas visa sponsorship supported)
Language Requirements
Japanese: Not Required 👍
English: Fluent
Minimum Experience
Mid-level or above

Job Description

Engineering Manager to do the following.

Development Management

Management of engineering development resource allocation, development status and progress, and their visualization.

  • Management of resources here is about whether the resources of the entire engineering organization are properly allocated.

Discuss & Design scrum team structure with VP and Agile Coach and PM.

  • Unit and definition of cross functional team will vary depending on the organization and business situation. While communicating with VPs, PMs, Agile Coach, and sometimes with the engineering organization, we think about the best structure and implement it continuously.
  • In each squad, act as a contact point for the engineering side and handle the necessary communication with PM and business side.
  • Any support for execution
  • Expect to be responsible for project management, if necessary.

Technical Management

  • Facilitating a better process of technology selection, alignment of members and sense of organization, and discussion on technical policies.
  • Responsible for planning and implementing solutions to issues that arise during system operation from a technical perspective.

People Management

  • Solving organizational issues
  • Goal Setting & Evaluation & Feedback system design
  • 1-on-1 MTG with members


  • Recruit great engineers in collaboration with our VP and HR team
  • Communicate the appeal of the company to candidates through casual interviews.
  • Interviews
  • DevRel
  • Believe that spreading the word about WealthPark’s engineering, for example, through our technical blog or through presentations at conferences, is an important factor in building a better organization.

Required Requirements

Technical Skills / Experiences

  • 4+ years of experience leading an engineering organization or team
  • 6+ years of development experience(organizational management period can be included.)
  • Managing a multicultural team
  • Hiring engineers (application screening, interviewing, etc.)
  • Evaluation and follow-up of engineers (evaluation interviews, target setting, career advice, 1on1, etc.)
  • Strong experience in at least one of the following:
    • Backend: Design, development, and operation of APIs using PHP or Ruby, golang
    • Frontend: Development related to frontend fields such as web browsers, JavaScript, TypeScript, React.js, Next.js, or Redux
    • Mobile: Development related to Mobile application development using Swift, Kotlin

Soft Skills

  • English(90% of engineers are non-Japanese. We are a very international team.)
  • Highly organized person.
  • Have motivation for team development.
  • Be able to weigh several and often conflicting constraints and make decisions in a fast-moving and quickly-growing company.
  • Continuously learn new technologies and find ways to solve issues and requirements.

Preferable Requirements

  • Communication in Japanese
  • Experience working in the real estate or Fintech industry


Salary and Evaluation system
It will be decided in consideration of experience and skills.

  • Annual salary system
  • Evaluation: twice a year
  • Probation time: 3 months (conditions do not change during the probation time)
  • The annual salary includes 35 hours of overtime work

Social insurance (Health insurance, Employee pension, Employment insurance)

Working Hours

* flextime system (core time 11:00 to 16:00)

Holiday and Leave

  • Saturday and Sunday
  • Public holidays
  • Refresh holidays
  • New-year / Year-end holiday
  • Annual paid leave
  • Celebratory leave
  • Special holidays
  • Postnatal leave
  • Parental leave

Welfare and Other


  • Welcome lunch (with CEO, with Division and Department)
  • Welcome drinking
  • Internal events (Year-end party etc.)
  • Free drink (Water server and instant coffee and tea)
  • Installation of vending machines


  • PC: MacBook Pro + 1 Monitor *Monitor can only be used in the office
  • No smoking in the office
  • Until COVID-19 is settled and we're ready to issue visas, you can start working remotely from abroad



2018年11月には米国へ進出し、米国の不動産テック・コミュニティとの関係強化を積極的に進めています。また、世界の不動産テック企業が集う「WealthPark NYC」では日本のスタートアップ企業で初めてオフィシャルイベントとして認定されました。不動産テックの本場ニューヨークから、グローバル市場を見据えて挑戦し続けています。

会社全体として、社員の半数以上が外国籍(12か国以上)で構成されたダイバシティ豊かなチームです。現在社内公用語は日本語ですが、英語対応を進めており、国籍に関係なく優秀な人材が活躍できる環境を積極的に構築しています。 また、エンジニアリング部門は多国籍人材が9割以上というグローバルな環境で、日本語を不問としており、英語環境です。


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