Site Reliability Engineer

  • Tokyo
  • Remote OK
  • Full-time
  • November 13, 2023
7,000,000 - 10,500,000 JPY /yr
Apply from Anywhere 👍
Relocation to Japan 👍
(Overseas visa sponsorship supported)
Language Requirements
Japanese: Not Required 👍
English: Fluent
Minimum Experience
Junior or above

Job description

  • Build reliable infrastructure while making full use of automation
  • Create a platform for developers to speed up development
  • Design architecture from the viewpoint of reliability, especially in terms of distributed system and microservices
  • Introduce the practices of SRE in a way that fits WealthPark
  • Others:
    • Monitoring
    • Incident response
    • Load testing
    • Security

Required Requirements

Technical Skills / Experiences

  • Have an insight into the philosophy of SRE, or be interested in it
  • Experience in container such as Docker, and container management
  • Experience in IaC such as Terraform
  • Experience in AWS or other public cloud in general
  • Ability to work as a team

Soft Skills
・ English (90% of engineers are non-Japanese. We are a very international team.)
・ Highly organized person
・ Have motivation for team development
・ Be able to weigh several and often conflicting constraints and make decisions in a fast-moving and quickly-growing company
・ Continuously learn new technologies and find ways to solve issues and requirements

Preferable Requirements

  • Over 1 year of experience in Kubernetes
  • Experience in system architecture design, especially of a distributed system and microservices
  • Programming ability sufficient to build any applications or middleware necessary to fix bugs or improve system performance and reliability
  • Experience in implementing monitoring, incident response, load testing
  • Experience in building CI/CD pipeline
  • Understanding of security


Salary and Evaluation system
It will be decided in consideration of experience and skills.
・Annual salary system
・Evaluation: twice a year
・Probation time: 3 months (conditions do not change during the probation time)
・The annual salary includes 35 hours of overtime work

・Social insurance (Health insurance, Employee pension, Employment insurance)

Working Hours

* flextime system (core time 11:00 to 16:00)

Holiday and Leave

・Saturday and Sunday
・Public holidays
・Refresh holidays
・New-year / Year-end holidays
・Annual paid leave
・Celebratory leave
・Special holidays
・Postnatal leave
・Parental leave

Welfare and Other

・Welcome lunch (with CEO, with Division and Department)
・Welcome drinking
・Internal events (Year-end party etc.)
・Free drink (Water server and instant coffee and tea)
・Installation of vending machines

・PC: MacBook Pro + 1 Monitor *Monitor can only be used in the office
・No smoking in the office
・Until COVID-19 is settled and we're ready to issue visas, you can start working remotely from abroad

WealthPark is a start-up that helps investors and real estate companies manage their assets. It's a global company with offices in Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong, New York.

WealthPark's goal is to help all the personal investors in the world invest in alternative assets, with a focus on real estate. Their online platform is built with this in mind, and to help modernize the global real estate industry.

Since starting their US business in November 2018, they've been aggressively expanding into the tech community there, and WealthPark NYC is one of the only officially recognized US real estate start-ups that started in Japan. WealthPark is at the forefront of the US real estate industry in New York.

WealthPark has already made it from 0 to 1, and now they're focused on getting from 1 to 10. They want to build an even larger, more diverse team to further expand their product and achieve global success. We recommend WealthPark highly for those that want to work on a diverse team in English.

Our Service

  • Owner App
    Anytime, anywhere. Real Estate management at your fingertips.

  • WealthPark Business
    New synergy between property managers and investors.

  • WealthPark Asset Management
    Leader in Japan Inbound Real Estate Asset and Property Management for Foreign Investors.

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