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These are the World's Top Niche Developer Job Boards


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These days, most people find jobs online.

It’s no secret that websites like Indeed and Glassdoor have become the "go-tos" for people looking for jobs these days. 

And while these sites are useful, they can also be overwhelming. They share positions from every industry and company imaginable, which can make it tough to zero in on jobs that match your preferences.

Looking for a job in the tech (IT) industry, on the other hand, can benefit from a more specific, tailor-made solution. Especially as a foreign candidate in another country. This is where niche developer job boards come in.

Just like Japan Dev, there are many niche job boards from around the world offering the latest jobs from top local companies you may not know about. 

Today, I’ll introduce some of the best niche developer job boards from around the world that cover a wide variety of regions. 

Before I do that, however, let’s expand a little bit more on why niche job boards are a great resource for developers looking for a job.

Why Use Niche Job Boards for International Tech Jobs?

The IT sector stands apart from other industries in several key ways. 

For one, it’s extremely volatile in nature. The speed with which it changes, as well as the direction it's headed in, can be roughly estimated at best and is unforeseeable at worst.

What’s more, the IT industry is growing at an unprecedented rate, and is even consuming other, more traditional industries that rely on old methods and technologies. 

So, as expected, job seeking in tech is as unique as the industry itself, and, therefore, requires a different approach. This is why you need more specifically tailored resources when looking for a job as a developer, let alone as a foreign candidate looking for jobs in a new country.

I talked about this in my post where I featured companies that allow remote work from all over the world, but it’s quite common for tech people to seek out opportunities regardless of location. 

Niche Job Boards Offer More

Having said all that, it can be confusing and daunting to look for a job in a whole new country, even if you can find job listings that suit you. On Japan Dev, we provide articles on practical information about moving in Japan, potential living costs, and whether moving to Japan as a developer can work for you.

This is the type of information that’s almost as important as the availability of jobs in your field, and you won’t find it on generalized job-seeking websites that are designed to serve every industry in almost every country in the world. 

Just like Japan Dev, there are many websites that serve as both a job board and an “information center” for foreign IT professionals. What’s more, most of these job boards also offer something large, generalized job platforms cannot: trust.

As a foreigner, even if a company looks great on paper, you won’t be able to tell whether it offers a good working environment. Japan Dev and other niche international tech job boards I’ll introduce here have the advantage of being able to personally vet the companies they feature on their platforms.

This also allows them to provide more specific information on company practices and benefits from the viewpoint of a tech professional. So, with all this in mind, here’s a wide selection of niche job boards from around the world.

Dev Korea

If you’re looking for IT jobs in South Korea, Dev Korea is, without a doubt, your best resource. In addition to featuring opportunities in the country, the website also features remote offers that you can apply for from anywhere in the world.

The website was founded by Florian Ludot (a developer from France who has firsthand experience finding a job in a foreign country) and co-organizer Serin Heo.

On Dev Korea, everything’s neatly categorized. You can find jobs according to specific occupations and roles in tech, such as designer/engineer or Backend/Full-stack jobs, and you can also search for jobs that offer visa sponsorship, or companies that offer remote positions.

The website launched in 2023 and already has over 120 companies on its diverse list of Korea-based tech companies. 

In addition to the job board, Ludot has also recently launched a project that acknowledges the challenges of becoming a part of a community in a foreign country in the form of a curated directory of tech communities from Korea. The directory allows foreign professionals to find and connect with like-minded people and build a social circle in their new country of residency. 

To find out about the founder’s upcoming projects and updates on Dev Korea, you can follow Ludot on X (former Twitter).


Japan Dev

Founded by Eric Turner, Japan Dev was born from a personal quest to find a fulfilling software engineering job in Tokyo. 

Turner’s journey began in 2014, fueled by his own job search at the time. This search, with a desire to unearth tech companies in Japan that genuinely valued their employees and offered good working conditions, especially for foreign candidates, has turned into Japan Dev.

In simplest terms, Japan Dev stands out as a job board dedicated to English-speaking tech professionals aspiring to work in Japan. Here, you’ll find curated job listings from global tech companies and Silicon Valley-inspired startups, with a focus on criteria that matter to expats the most: relocation support, visa sponsorship, language requirements, and most importantly, working conditions.

At its core, Japan Dev stems from Turner’s belief that there are employee-friendly companies with good practices out there, despite the daunting stories about Japan's tech industry. Today, Japan Dev, managed by Turner and his wife, Manami, continues to provide the best way to find tech jobs in Japan.

To learn more about the founder and get the latest updates on Japan Dev, you can follow Eric Turner on his X (Twitter) page.


JobStreet is one of the largest job-seeking platforms in Southeast Asia and Singapore. The website launched in 1997 and currently offers job listings in tech and related fields in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Phillippines, and Singapore.

With over 100,000 job listings in APAC (Asia-Pacific) countries, JobStreet doesn’t just cater to locals, as you’ll also find companies that offer relocation and visa support. You can search listings according to positions, fields, expected salary, and location, and apply to jobs swiftly through the platform.

JobStreet was founded by Mark Chang, a Malaysian who just wanted to make a living while working as his own boss, and didn’t expect the success the job platform has reached. 

The founder initially started Malaysia’s first commercial website in 1995, and realized the attention the job listings page on the website received, leading him to later establish JobStreet as a separate platform.

To learn about the latest events and updates from JobStreet, you can check out the company’s Twitter and LinkedIn pages.


Meet.jobs, established by Reinhardt Chang-Yu Lin, is a headhunter platform that emerged from Taiwan and has since expanded its reach to various countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and the United States. 

The international job-matching platform was founded with a clear mission: to help everyone maximize their value in the global job market. Meet.jobs specializes in connecting IT talents with international job opportunities, focusing on creating the perfect match between candidates and employers. 

The platform enables users to search for jobs according to roles, job types, and countries to find a job that suits them. What’s more, there’s even a filter for remote jobs for those looking to expand their reach. 

If you don’t want to work remotely and want to relocate, meet.jobs is also a great resource for international expats looking for jobs in tech, as you’ll also find companies offering relocation support.

You can follow the founder on LinkedIn and follow the meet.jobs Facebook page to get the latest updates from the company.



Arbeitnow is a unique job board that was conceptualized and brought to life by Adithya Srinivisan. The inspiration behind its inception is deeply rooted in Srinivasan’s own experiences as an Indian expat in Germany. 

Arriving in 2018, he faced the daunting task of finding a job that would accommodate his visa requirements and allow him to work in English. 

Frustrated with the lack of specialized options for finding such jobs on existing platforms, Srinivasan realized the need for a job board that not only features companies with visa support but also welcomes English-speaking professionals. 

Arbeitnow, primarily attracting English speakers from all over the world, focuses on aiding individuals who are looking to relocate to Germany, as well as those already in the country needing assistance with visa processes.

The platform is a result of its founder's personal struggles as much as his desire to simplify the job-hunting process for others in similar situations. To learn more about the founder, make sure to check out his X (Twitter) and follow Arbeitnow’s Facebook page to get the latest on Germany’s tech jobs market.

SwissDevJobs (GermanTechJobs, DevITJobs, DevJobRo)

SwissDevJobs is part of a bigger platform that encompasses GermanTechJobs (Germany), DevITJobs.Us (the United States), DevITJobs.Uk (the U.K.), and DevITJobs.NL (the Netherlands), along with DevJob.Ro in Romania. 

The network, co-founded by Jacob Muniak and Janusz Greg Tomasik, was launched with the inception of SwissDevJobs. 

On a mission to address the specific needs of the IT community and to offer a streamlined approach to job hunting for tech professionals, the founders’ vision was to create a more efficient and user-friendly experience for both job seekers and employers in the tech industry. 

DevItJobs and DevJob.ro set themselves apart from other job platforms through a focus on detailed and structured job descriptions, efficient and varied filtering options, and the ability to apply to companies directly.

Upon the success of SwissDevJobs, Muniak and Tomasik also introduced GermanTechJobs, a sister website dedicated to the German market, aiming to bring openness and transparency to the job search market for expats.

To find out the latest from SwissDevJobs and the other websites in the DevITJobs network, make sure to follow them on LinkedIn.


BerlinStartupJobs.com, founded by Hessam Lavi, is a leading job platform specifically catering to the dynamic and innovative startup scene in Berlin, Germany. 

Launched in 2011, the inspiration behind this platform stemmed from Lavi’s personal experiences in Dublin, where he frequently assisted friends planning to move to Berlin by connecting them with job opportunities in the city. 

Recognizing a gap in the market for a dedicated startup job board in Berlin through his “services”, Lavi created BerlinStartupJobs.com to streamline the process of connecting startups with global talent.

The platform quickly gained traction and has since been playing a pivotal role in the Berlin startup ecosystem, connecting over a thousand companies with millions of professionals worldwide.

BerlinStartupJobs.com focuses on inspiring jobs in Berlin’s thriving startup community, emphasizing the city’s appeal to international talents. The neatly organized website presents job opportunities in an easy-to-search manner, but the website offers something beyond that.

In the Berlin Guide tab of the website, you’ll find the most comprehensive starter guide ever for any foreigner wanting to find a job or settle in Berlin. From getting hired as a non-German speaker to finding an apartment in Berlin, you’ll find tons of useful content covering vital information here.

The success of BerlinStartupJobs.com has also led Lavi to establish the sister site LondonStartupJobs.co.uk, which offers tech job listings from London, U.K.

To get the latest news from the founder, make sure to follow his X (Twitter).



Established by Pedro Oliveira and José Paiva in 2014, Landing.Jobs is a tech recruitment marketplace with a mission to redefine the job-hunting experience for tech professionals in Europe. 

Headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, Landing.Jobs focuses on the European market, offering a diverse range of tech job opportunities in Portugal, Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands. 

The founders, driven by their firsthand experiences and the challenges they witnessed in tech recruitment, sought to create a platform that offered more than just job listings. From the get-go, their vision was to build a community-centric approach that allows individuals to take control of their careers.

This is why in addition to listing job opportunities, the community tab offers tons of useful reads under its neat blog, the latest insights and reports under the resources section, and even features events from the community.

In addition to offering a community, the platform also stands out in its approach to job hunting, offering a personalized touch by emphasizing the match between candidates and companies’ values and culture. 

Despite the 19-year age gap between the founders, this approach resonates deeply with Oliveira and Paiva’s initial motivation to transform the traditional recruitment space, as they both have a background in recruitment in different ways prior to founding Landing.Jobs.

To learn more about Oliveira and Paiva and get the latest updates from them, you can follow them on their X (Twitter) pages.

The Hub

Established to help the Nordic startup ecosystem grow and thrive, The Hub was originally launched by Danske Bank Growth in 2015. Its primary aim was to assist startups in the region with specialized recruitment and fundraising services. 

The platform, since its inception, has evolved rapidly, connecting a vast network of over 300,000 candidates with more than 10,000 startups, aiding significant talent acquisition in the Nordic Startup Scene.

In a strategic move to enhance its offerings, The Hub merged with Startupmatcher, another significant player in the Nordic startup recruitment space, under the ownership of Mesh Community in 2022. 

This merger not only consolidated The Hub’s position as a leading recruitment platform but also expanded its capabilities to cater to a broader spectrum of startups and scale-ups. Today, in addition to offering job listings to candidates, The Hub also offers comprehensive services to companies and startups ranging from a basic free tier to paid options that offer more.

What’s more, the Hub’s job search engine even lets candidates filter offers depending on their remote availability, which is a neat feature all job boards should have in today’s recruitment landscape.

With a mission to redefine startup recruitment, The Hub is on a journey to creating the most effective global startup job board, and you can get the latest updates on the official X (Twitter) and LinkedIn pages.


Since its inception in 1998, LesJeudis has carved a neat little niche for itself in France’s tech and IT recruitment domain. The platform’s longevity and relevance in the French job market is a true testament to its profound understanding of the evolving needs in tech recruitment.

Operated by Kariera Group, LesJeudis serves as a vital link that connects tech professionals with various job opportunities in the tech, web, and IT sectors, and features the latest IT jobs in France.

In addition to the job listings offered, the platform also stays in touch with its audience by providing the latest news and updates on the tech industry and startups, including events.

LesJeudis’s comprehensive approach helps it cement itself as not just a job board but as a critical resource hub for professionals in navigating the dynamic tech landscape in France, and Europe at large.

To learn more about the company and to be notified of the latest events, you can follow LesJeudis on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Conclusion: Other Useful Resources for Foreign Tech Jobs

In this post, I introduced some of the best and most diverse software engineer job boards from all over the world. Most of these websites are great resources not only for finding job listings, but also for learning what daily life is like, or how expensive life is in your destination country.

That being said, the developer job boards I listed here are far from being the only resources in their respective countries/regions. 

In fact, if you’re looking for an English-speaking IT job in a foreign country, you can also search for jobs that support relocation on your own, in addition to checking out the websites I mentioned here.

It’s all about the keywords. For instance, using keywords such as “visa support” or “relocation” can be a good way to sift through thousands of irrelevant listings on common platforms like LinkedIn.

Similarly, you can also use keywords like “visa sponsorship” on global job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor to make your search easier.

In the meantime, if Japan is among your target countries, why not check out our post where we introduce twenty great companies from Japan with visa support? You just might find something to your liking.


Japan Dev Team

This post was written by our Japan Dev editorial team.