Remote Sensing Specialist

  • Tokyo
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  • Full-time
  • September 29, 2023
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Axelspaceは、「Space within Your Reach 〜宇宙を普通の場所に〜」というビジョンの元、2008年の設立以来磨き上げてきた独自の超小型衛星技術によって、多くの人が当たり前のように宇宙を利用する社会の実現を目指しています。

2022年には第22回JAPAN VENTURE AWARDSにて最高賞である経済産業大臣賞を受賞しました。

Axelspaceでは、常に向上心を持ち、チームと本気で向き合い共に成長を目指し、多様性と変化を受け入れ、前向きに挑戦を重ねるメンバーが集まっています。 本格的な衛星・衛星画像利用の普及や促進が加速していく中で、当社のビジョンに共感し、衛星開発・衛星画像利用の普及や促進にコミットして頂ける方は、是非この魅力あふれるチームにジョインしてください。 皆様からのご応募を、社員一同お待ちしています!



Company Introduction

Axelspace has been one of the pioneers of micro-satellite technology and industry since the establishment of the company in 2008, and we envision democratizing space technology to a wider population across the globe for their daily use.

AxelGlobe business started in 2015 to provide a new Earth observation infrastructure by launching multiple micro-satellites for its higher data frequency. In addition to a satellite launched in 2019, we have successfully launched four more satellites in 2021, which used the first mass production technology for satellite production in Japan. Utilizing this small-satellite mass production system, our new service “AxelLiner” also supports clients outside the space industry to actualize their business involved in satellite projects.

As the world faces pivotal stages in democratizing satellite development and satellite imagery use, we are actively looking for someone like you who can enjoy the challenges of making a global impact with micro-satellite technology. Hit that apply button, and let’s make our vision, “Space within your reach,” come true together!

【History of Axelspace in 3 minutes】


About the Role

As a member of the Service Consulting Unit, the successful candidate for the Remote Sensing Specialist position will be working closely with the sales and business development team to conduct solution development and technical consulting activities.


Job Responsibilities

  • Management of projects, particularly with the Japanese government and companies
  • Involvement with customer development activities, both pre-sales and post-sales activities within Japan
  • Development of proof-of-concept solutions for GRUS data and other satellite imagery and geospatial data
  • Creation of technical report documentation in Japanese


Favorable Skills / Experiences

  • At least 2 years of relevant background or experience in the field of Remote Sensing and/or Geographic Information Systems, particularly handling and analysis of satellite imagery, preferably, optical imagery, in any application domain
  • Ability to create proof-of-concept using different kinds of geospatial data, with emphasis on EO data utilization
  • Experience in  customer development, having strong communication skills and interactions with different types of stakeholders and industries, particularly Japanese government and companies
  • Experience in project management, particularly in identifying project goals, data requirements, methodology, and output delivery according to client needs
  • Experience in image pre-processing & analysis using Python, R, or other programming languages is desirable but not required
  • Language skill:
    • Fluent in Japanese and have business English skills

Axelspace is a pioneer in the micro-satellite industry. Founded in 2008, they want to democratize space technology for daily use.

They started their AxelGlobe business in 2015 to provide a new Earth observation infrastructure using micro-satellites. They also used the first mass-produced satellite production tech in Japan to launch 5 satellites from 2019 to 2021.

With their new service, “Axel Liner,” utilizing a small-satellite mass production system, they can use their satellite projects to support clients outside the space industry.

As the world faces pivotal stages in democratizing satellite development and satellite imagery, Axelspace is actively looking for people who want to take on the challenge of making a global impact with micro-satellite technology. If this is something that excites you, join Axelspace in making their vision of “Space within your reach” come true.

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Remote Sensing Specialist at Axelspace
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