Fullstack Engineer (Generative AI Product team)

  • Tokyo
  • Remote OK
  • Full-time
  • April 22, 2024
5,000,000 - 10,000,000 JPY /yr
Apply from Japan Only
No relocation to Japan
(No visa sponsorship from overseas)
Language Requirements
Japanese: Fluent
English: Conversational
Minimum Experience
Junior or above


  • 様々なプラットフォーム(Mobile,Desktop,Web,MicroService等)を対象とした、AIコンポーネントを組み込んだソフトウェア開発を担当いただきます
  • 再利用可能なモジュラーコードの開発に重点を置いており、それらを高めるためにマルチプラットフォームフレームワークを頻繁に利用しています


  • You will be responsible for developing software that incorporates AI components for various platforms (Mobile, Desktop, Web, MicroService, etc.).
  • Emphasis is placed on developing reusable modular code and frequent use of multi-platform frameworks to enhance them.



  • コードレビューとペアプログラミングを重視しています
  • コードの可読性、保守性の向上を意識して開発を進めています
  • プロジェクトによってアジャイル、ウォーターフォール、アドホック形式を選択しています


  • We emphasize code review and pair programming
  • We are conscious of improving code readability and maintainability.
  • We choose agile, waterfall, or ad hoc methods depending on the project.



  • 言語:Python, Kotlin, Swift, TypeScript, Java等
  • フレームワーク:Django, Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, Compose Desktop, Flutter等 その他、プロジェクトごとの技術選定は革新性と信頼性をバランスを見て決定します


  • Languages: Python, Kotlin, Swift, TypeScript, Java, etc. 
  • Frameworks: Django, Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, Compose Desktop, Flutter, etc. Other technologies are selected for each project based on a balance of innovation and reliability.


その他 / Others

  • 月に1度社内勉強会を開催し各エンジニアがトピックを発表します
  • リモートワークが中心ですが出社しているメンバーもいます
  • チーム内のコミュニケーションは英語が中心で、他部門とのコミュニケーションは英語と日本語両方利用します


  • Monthly internal study sessions are held and each engineer presents a topic.
  • Most of the members work remotely, but some of them come to the office.
  • Communication within the team is primarily in English, while communication with other departments utilizes both English and Japanese.



  • Webアプリケーションまたはモバイルアプリケーションの開発の経験2年以上
  • ネットワークやデータベース等の基礎知識
  • アルゴリズム・データ構造の基礎知識
  • 英語スキル(日常会話レベル)
  • 日本語スキル(ネイティブレベル or N1レベル)


  • More than 2 years of experience in developing web or mobile applications
  • Basic knowledge of networks, databases, etc.
  • Basic knowledge of algorithms and data structures
  • Conversational level English skills
  • Business level Japanese skills *To pass JLPT N1 (or more)

ExaWizards is an AI start-up with a simple mission: solve social issues using AI and create a happy society. But to achieve it, they’re tackling issues across a wide variety of industries: Care tech, HR, fintech, medicine, security and more. They believe AI can help solve problems in all these areas, and they’re determined to do just that. Their business model can be broken into two different flows: project-focused and product-focused. For project-focused initiatives, they start from scratch. Their ML engineers and consultants identify business problems and build models aimed at solving them. In their product flow, they take the ML models developed for specific problems and generalize them to be useful for a wider array of problems. Normally they develop these solutions into SaaS products.

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