Platform Generalist

  • Remote OK - Anywhere in Japan
  • Full-time
  • January 5, 2024
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Language Requirements
Japanese: Not Required 👍
English: Business Level

Peatix is looking for a Senior Platform Engineer to join the team that develops and maintains the technology platform our website and mobile applications run on. Working with a broad range of tools and technologies, you'll be documenting and making contributions to Peatix's infrastructure and codebase, building an understanding that allows you to educate other engineers and come up with ideas for how developer experience, tools and deployments can be improved.


Who we need

  • A technical generalist with good infrastructure and engineering knowledge.
  • Someone with a great deal of curiosity, motivation, and interest in digging into technical problems.
  • Someone capable of working autonomously and asynchronously, comfortable with asking questions pairing with other engineers to build context, and teaching others with empathy and patience.


What you'll do

  • Balance reactive and proactive platform and infrastructure work.
  • Handle VPN and AWS access requests and continue to improve our staff authentication and authorization position.
  • Give technical onboarding to new developers and external contractors. 
  • Undertake and help others with SOC2 and other compliance projects, including improvements to our backup and restore processes.
  • Improve the experience of Peatix engineers by helping with technical problems and improving their CI/CD and local development tools.
  • Work on platform functionality in the Peatix codebase, both for direct benefit and to gain insight into the developer experience.
  • Work to improve our application quality and shipping velocity with observability tools that give engineering and other teams insight into how our systems are running in production.



Bonuses are bonuses ... we want you to apply even if you don't have bonus experience.

  • You have familiarity and experience with content distribution systems (CDNs and edge computation).
  • You have experience with Perl.
  • You can communicate in conversational level Japanese or above.





Who is Peatix

Peatix is a global event registration platform that provides event organizers with powerful tools to create, promote, manage and sell out events of all sizes. Launched in 2011 in Japan, Peatix is now headquartered in New York and has expanded into Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.


Peatix's goals

At Peatix, we believe we can make the world a better place by making it easier for people to meet with each other. By helping organizers create more and more diverse events for more and more diverse groups of people, we hope to connect people around the world and let people understand each other.


Why you should work for Peatix

Peatix is a customer centric company where we value collaboration, communication, empathy, quality, and shipping. We believe that you'll do better work by being healthier and happier, so we want you to have a life outside of working at Peatix. We encourage you to attend Peatix events as well.

Peatix is made up of people of a number of different nationalities and backgrounds. We will continue to be a company that embraces diversity and look forward to applications from people from various backgrounds and lifestyles. Peatix will not discriminate against Peatix employees or applicants based on their age, citizenship, gender identity or expression, national origin, pregnancy status, race, religion, sexual orientation or any other differences.



If you're applying for a specific position, be sure to include details such as links to:

  • Your blog or other online presence
  • Your GitHub / Bitbucket / etc. repositories
  • Relevant patches and bug reports to open-source projects
  • Sample code
  • ...anything else you feel is relevant
  • A public LinkedIn profile or resumé/CV is not strictly required (but would be helpful)

Peatix is a global event discovery and ticketing platform that connects people to communities through a shared passion for all things similar and different.

Whether you are an aspiring home cook looking for livestream classes from the comforts of your own kitchen, or an entrepreneur striving to connect with communities across the globe, we deliver unique experiences right into the hands of those who seek.

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