Development & Evaluation Engineer (Custom LSI for PlayStation)

  • Tokyo
  • Partial Remote
  • Full-time
  • June 13, 2024
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Language Requirements
Japanese: Business Level
English: Conversational
Minimum Experience
Mid-level or above

Job Responsibility

We are developing LSI to be used in SIE products such as PlayStation, and you will be responsible for LSI specification formulation, verification and evaluation, and mass production support.

In specification, verification and evaluation, you will be required to understand hardware such as cache, memory, bus, etc. at a low level and to take a logical approach.

Understanding and experience in computer architecture is highly desirable. C/C++ and other programming skills are also required for LSI verification and evaluation.

Depending on your career and skill set, you will be expected to work in the areas of CPU/microcontroller, high-speed I/F, power management, and CPU peripherals.

LSI development work is carried out in close collaboration with many related parties, including product planning, hardware design, software development, and game developers.

This allows me to realize how the LSIs I develop will be used in PlayStation, and to strongly feel the value of my work.

Since this work requires cooperation with many people, it also requires good communication skills.

The CPU/GPU architecture used in PlayStation's LSI utilizes cutting-edge technology, and we are one of the few companies in Japan and around the world that have access to this technology.

We are also actively using cutting-edge semiconductor processes, which have become a hot topic in recent years, and you will have the opportunity to work at the very "cutting edge of the times".


Organization & Workplace introduction

We develop custom LSI that form the basis of SIE products such as PlayStation5 and PlayStation VR2.

From the product planning concept stage, we work closely with the product planning, HW design, and SW departments to formulate custom LSI requirement specifications.

In the prototype stage, we play an important role in confirming that the desired functions and performance can be obtained and incorporating them into the final product.

In collaboration with many world-class LSI design houses, we are developing highly competitive LSIs using cutting-edge architecture, IP (CPU, GPU, AI/ML, Codec, high-speed I/F, power control, security), and semiconductor processes.

By engaging in this work, you will be able to gain experience that is rare in Japan.

The team consists of experts in various fields such as LSI architecture, LSI design verification, HW design, and SW development.


Required Skills and Technical Areas

Essential Skills

  • Knowledge of hardware systems such as CPU/DSP, memory, microcontrollers, etc.
  • Experience in C/C++ programming development
  • At least 3 years of experience in one of the following areas
    •  Experience in LSI design, verification and evaluation of CPU/microcontroller, high-speed I/F, etc.
    •  Experience in embedded SW, firmware, device driver software development
  • Ability to read and understand English specifications. Ability to exchange e-mails in English


Preferred Skills

  • Experience in LSI development
  • The ability to conduct technical conversations and discussions in English is an asset to expand the scope of your activities.


Ideal Candidate Profile

  • A person who is passionate and interested in working together as a team to develop products.
  • A person who can plan, propose, and execute his/her own path to achieve goals.
  • Those who can proactively lead others as a leader in the future.




仕様策定・検証評価にあたっては、キャッシュ・メモリ・バスなど、Hardwarelow levelで理解し、論理的にアプローチすることが求められます。

computer architectureに関する理解・経験があると一層好ましいです。また、LSIの検証評価にあたってはC/C++等のプログラム能力も必須となります。

ご自身のこれまでのキャリア、スキルセットに応じ、CPU/マイコン、高速I/FPower ManagementCPUペリフェラル領域を担当いただくことを想定しています。








PlayStation5PlayStation VR2をはじめとするSIE製品の根幹をなすカスタムLSIを開発しています。



多くの世界トップクラスのLSI Design House と共同で最先端のアーキテクチャ、IP(CPUGPUAI/MLCodec、高速I/F、電力制御、Security)、半導体プロセスを用いた非常に競争力の高いLSI開発を行っています。






  • CPU/DSP、メモリー、マイコン等のハードウェアシステム知識
  • C/C++プログラミングの開発経験
  • 以下のいずれかの領域の業務経験を3年以上有すること
    • CPU/マイコン、高速I/F等のLSI設計・検証評価経験
    • 組込SWFirmware、デバイスドライバーソフトウエア開発経験
  • 英語の仕様書を読みこなすことができること。英語でのメールやりとりができること。



  • LSI開発経験
  • 英語での技術的な会話や議論を行えると、活躍の幅を広げていただくことが可能です。



  • 情熱をもって、チーム一丸で開発を行うことに興味のある方
  • 目標に対して達成までの道筋を自身で計画し、提案・実行できる方
  • 将来的にリーダーとしてメンバーを積極的に引っ張ってくれる方

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Development & Evaluation Engineer (Custom LSI... at Sony Interactive Entertainment
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