Product Designer

  • Tokyo
  • Partial Remote
  • Full-time
  • March 31, 2021
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Language Requirements
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English: Business Level

Job Description

We are looking to hire experienced and passionate designer who will be the founding designer of Unscene. You will work primarily on product design, but may also help with marketing and visual design whenever required. At Unscene, we work hard to make creating and sharing 3D contents simple for anyone. The core mission of a designer at Unscene is to design a product that is inherently easy to use and learn, but at the same time gives users a wide variety of capabilities to express what they have in their mind. If you find this challenge exciting, welcome to Unscene.

What you will do

  • Be the first full time designer at Unscene.
  • Create, collaborate, and iterate on flows, prototypes, and high-fidelity visuals.
  • Identify product needs and opportunities through dogfooding, experimentations, as well as talking to users.
  • Leverage prototyping skills to articulate designs to all stakeholders, especially in cases where interactions may be particularly nuanced.
  • Work cross-functionally with product managers, engineering and sales to define long term strategy and direction of the product.
  • Sometime work on marketing assets and and company branding.
  • Some projects you could be working on:

  • Improve interaction with 3D objects to make it easier to move and rotate.
  • Design how multiple users collaborate on Unscene.
  • Library of default 3D models on Unscene.

What we are looking for

  • 5+ years of relevant design experience in technology or product based company.
  • Obsessed with learning all about the users— their goals, constraints and problems.
  • An expert in either UI, UX design or visual design, but skilled in broad discipline across product design.
  • You enjoy working with cross-functional stakeholders across engineering, sales and product.
  • Value high quality well-crafted visual design, and care about the details.

Bonus points

  • Experience of designing desktop based productivity or design tools.
  • Experience with 3D modeling, animation or 3D CAD tools.
  • Proficient in both English and Japanese.
  • Startup experience.


What is your tech stack?

Our current prototype is built using the following. This is likely to change as the product evolves.

  • Front-end: React.js, Bablyon.js
  • Back-end: Java, Kotlin
  • Infra: Google Cloud Platform

How my role will evolve as the company grows?

As the company grows, you will have the option to either take up managerial roles, or continue on the track of individual contributor, in the role of a senior engineer or tech lead.

Have you raised any money?

We have raised 63M JPY (around 580K USD) seed round from East Ventures, GREE Ventures and Apricot Ventures. East Ventures has a successful track record of investing in start ups such as Mercari, BizReach, Base, SmartHR among others in Japan, as well as Tokopedia and Traveloka in Indonesia.

Is Japanese language a requirement?

Japanese is not required, but preferred. All written communication is done in English.

Do you sponsor visa?

We can sponsor a visa. However due to COVID-19 related uncertainties, we prefer working with someone who is already here in Japan.

Do you work remotely?

We usually work from our office in Shibuya. Due to COVID-19 emergency declaration in Tokyo, we offer the flexibility to work either from our office or from your home.

Prototyping a product like Unscene, as well as a building a company culture requires frequent feedback and communication, which is hard to achieve remotely. We will be working mostly from our office. You can still work remotely on one or two days a week, if you choose to.

What's the interview process like?

  1. We will do a one hour call to get to know each other.

  2. Next, we will have a skill assessment interview where we go deep down on one of your previous projects, followed by a culture-fit interview (one hour each).

  3. After the interviews, preferably we like to work with you on a project for at least two weeks. (of course, we’d pay you for your time). Often working together for a bit is a great way to determine whether there’s a good match as future teammates and it can give you a lot of transparency.

----------- Japanese follows -----------






  • 一人目のデザイナーとして活躍する。
  • ユーザーフロー・プロトタイプ・高忠実度のデザインを、コラボレーション・イタレーションを駆使しながら作成する。
  • ドッグフーディングや検証、ユーザーとの対話を通じて、プロダクトのニーズやチャンスを明確化する。
  • プロトタイピングのスキルを用いて、すべての関係者のためにデザインに落とし込み、理解できるように伝達する(特にインタラクションの設計が微妙で難しい時)。
  • プロダクトマネージャー・エンジニア・セールスと、横断的に連携し、プロダクトの長期的な戦略と方向性を定義する。
  • 必要な場合は、マーケティングやブランディングに必要なアセット作成などに従事する。
  • 関わるプロジェクトの例:

  • 3Dオブジェクトの操作性を向上させ、移動や回転のインタラクションをより簡単にする。
  • 複数のユーザーがUnsceneでコラボレーションできる方法をデザインする。
  • 3Dモデルのライブラリーを設計する。


  • テクノロジーやプロダクトの企業で5年以上の関連するデザイン経験がある方。
  • ユーザーのゴール・制約や問題等、ユーザーのすべてに関する理解に夢中になる方。
  • UI・UXデザイン、ビジュアルデザインのいずれかの専門家であり、プロダクトデザイン全体の幅広い分野に精通している方。
  • エンジニア、セールス、プロダクトなど、部門を超えたステークホルダーとのコラボレーションを楽しめる方。
  • 高品質で作り込まれたビジュアルデザインを大切にし、細部にまでこだわるマインドを持っている方。


  • デスクトップ型の生産性向上ツールやデザインツールの設計をした経験。
  • 3Dモデリング、アニメーション、または3D CADツールの利用経験。
  • 英語と日本語の両方に精通していること。
  • スタートアップでの経験。

Scene is a 3D presentation tool designed for everyone. We live in a 3D world. Yet, expressing our ideas in 3D today requires hours of training in sophisticated softwares. Our goal at Scene is to make sharing ideas in 3D simple and accessible for everyone.

Scene is a simple and intuitive web based 3D communication tool. Scene's intuitive design makes it extremely easy for anyone to share their ideas in 3D. As a result, engineers, marketers and sales executives, especially in manufacturing and construction, use Scene to create 3D based maintenance manuals, work instructions, sales presentations or promotion materials.

So far, over 500+ companies have pre-registered for Scene. We are currently running a closed beta program with 20 companies.

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