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6mil - 9mil JPY

Scene is a 3D presentation tool designed for everyone. We live in a 3D world. Yet, expressing our ideas in 3D today requires hours of training in sophisticated softwares. Our goal at Scene is to make sharing ideas in 3D simple and accessible for everyone.

Scene is a simple and intuitive web based 3D communication tool. Scene's intuitive design makes it extremely easy for anyone to share their ideas in 3D. As a result, engineers, marketers and sales executives, especially in manufacturing and construction, use Scene to create 3D based maintenance manuals, work instructions, sales presentations or promotion materials.

So far, over 500+ companies have pre-registered for Scene. We are currently running a closed beta program with 20 companies.

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We have raised 63M JPY (around 580K USD) seed round from East Ventures, GREE Ventures and Apricot Ventures. East Ventures has a successful track record of investing in start ups such as Mercari, BizReach, Base, SmartHR among others in Japan, as well as Tokopedia and Traveloka in Indonesia.
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