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Tokyo (Shibuya)

VELDT is a global start-up that produces a wide array of digital products and services, from wearable IoT products to data analytics. They develop mobile apps and cloud-based systems that communicate with smartwatches to create a platform that connects IoT devices and applies AI and edge computing technology to perform data analysis in the cloud. VELDT started in Tokyo but also maintains an office in San Francisco.

Founded in 2012 when the IoT market was still in its infancy, VELDT’s original smartwatch design was acclaimed abroad for its advanced blend of technology and sensibility. In 2019, with so many connected IoT devices and internet services, VELDT announced "Riiiver" , a platform that enables you to create unique smartwatch functions in three easy steps, as well as share these functions with others. They worked with their partner Citizen, Inc. to provide hardware as well as a mechanism to meet a wide variety of needs and hobbies through smartwatches.

VELDT also launched their new self-branded luxury hybrid smartwatch, VELDT LUXTURE . Many people find common smartwatches behave like mini smartphones, but this can cause an overload of information, making it difficult to concentrate on what’s important. VELDT LUXTURE offers a premium design, but it also filters the information displayed down to what’s truly important.

In addition, VELDT offers “Weltwatch” (German for “World Watch”). This service aggregates data about sustainability and global warming and shares it with users to help decrease the impact of climate change through access to information for individuals.

Looking ahead to the post-corona era, VELDT is planning to shift toward becoming a data science company to create a positive impact on people's lives through IoT and data. In addition to capturing data from IoT devices and mobile apps, they're planning to develop self-discovery tools to assist their users with health management, as well as provide solutions for businesses.
They plan to develop IoT products, platforms, and even federated AI, starting with Japan and Silicon Valley.

VELDT's policies during COVID-19 are as follows:

  • We are currently only able to consider candidates who are already in Japan but we can support visas for those in Japan.
  • We currently allow 3 remote days per week (full remote during the emergency period and we would move back to that as necessary).
  • Meetings with partner companies are almost exclusively online.
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