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Yoii provides revenue-based financing to startups. They enable a wide variety of startups to flexibly secure funding based on their business KPIs.

Funding for startups is mainly through equity financing or debt financing.

However, many entrepreneurs are cautious about equity financing due to dilution.

Also, in some cases, the entrepreneur’s guarantee or collateral is required for debt financing that is not so accessible for early-stage startups.

Understanding the problems that “funds are not reaching startups that are taking on challenges” and “there are many startups that cannot show their value”,

Masaharu Uno (CEO) and Task Ohmori (CTO) developed the revenue-based financing platform “Yoii Fuel”. With experience in finance and blockchain, they’ve built this platform with the aim of “for the ambition of entrepreneurs”.

At the end of November 2023, our business has experienced rapid growth, with the number of adopting companies increasing by approximately 205% year-on-year, RBF execution amounting to about 260%, and the number of deals increasing by approximately 250%!

Regarding the user base, we aim to further enhance our services to a wider range of small and medium-sized enterprises in various regions and industries, not limited to startups. Now we have approximately 20 employees, with a total of around 30 including contractors. Comprised of multinational members, we are also considering business expansion overseas, and internal communication is based on English.

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