Software Engineer (Full Stack)

  • Tokyo
  • Remote OK - Anywhere in Japan
  • Full-time
  • May 19, 2023
7,000,000 JPY or more/yr
Apply from Japan Only
(You must live in Japan to apply)
Language Requirements
Japanese: Not Required πŸ‘
English: Business Level
Minimum Experience
Mid-level or above

Beatrust is looking for an engineer who will be central in building of our service. This person has an insatiable curiosity for new technologies, a challenging spirit, and will take charge of product feature development.


Skills and experiences

Minimum qualifications

  • Those who empathize with Beatrust's Vision (Create a world where everyone can realize their best potential) and Mission (Optimize Every Encounter).
  • Experience building Web APIs using frameworks like NestJS.
  • Experience building applications using front-end frameworks like React / Vue / Angular.
  • Basic knowledge and experience using cloud infrastructure on GCP, AWS, or Azure.
  • Business level English or higher (especially reading and writing).


Preferred qualifications

  • Has held a position with technical or team leadership responsibility (e.g. Tech Lead, Engineering Manager).
  • Experience developing SaaS products for Large Enterprise.
  • Experience in system operation & software development for large Japanese companies.
  • Knowledge of machine learning, infrastructure, system architecture design, and project management.
  • Contribution to well-known open source projects.
  • Conversational or above level Japanese.


About the position

This full stack engineer role presents an exciting opportunity to take on a key role within the Engineering team at Beatrust.

Our customers are typically enterprises with several thousand employees and we are at the phase of scaling our business.

As a full stack engineer, you will take full ownership of building product features. You can expand your own domain of expertise, challenge yourself to try out new technologies, and lead the development of the product in collaboration with designers and product managers. Rather than creating products in a top-down manner, many members put importance on Why/What and think about the ideal image of the product on their own based on feedback from customers, and then propose and develop the product.

The work mostly involves developing features that are core in delivering value to our clients. You will also be involved in improving the overall system architecture, optimizing search mechanisms, and connecting ML logic to products.


Work description

  • Front-end feature development
  • Web API development for product integration
  • Requirements definition, development, testing, and maintenance of new functions
  • Improvement of existing system architecture


Development Environment

  • Backend
    • TypeScript (NestJS, Prisma), Python (Django, FastAPI), Go
  • Frontend
    • TypeScript (React)
  • Database
    • PostgreSQL (using RLS : row-level security)
  • Infrastructure
    • GCP (GKE Autopilot), SparkPost
  • Monitoring
    • Datadog, Sentry
  • CI/CD
    • GitHub Actions
  • Building Environment
    • Terraform, Docker
  • QA
    • Autify
  • Communication
    • Beatrust, Slack, GitHub/ZenHub, Google Workspace, miro, Notion, Figma



Tokyo (Kanda) headquarters or remote within Japan.


Salary and benefits

Working conditions

  • Salary: 7,000,000~
  • Expenses: Commuting fees, etc.
  • Stock option compensation plan: In accordance with company regulations



  • Benefit programs are under discussion for both employees and their families


Vacations and Leave of Absence

  • Flexible working hours
  • Annual holidays: weekends (Saturday and Sunday), national holidays, year-end and new year holidays
  • Annual paid holidays: 10 days per year (varies in accordance with the month of employment)



  • Health Insurance: Beatrust is a member of the National Health Insurance Association
  • Welfare Pension: Employees are eligible for Japan's public pension system
  • Employment Insurance: Provided mainly during periods of unemployment, childcare leave, and family care leave
  • Industrial Accident Insurance: Provides compensation for work-related disability or death

Beatrust builds software to help employees collaborate with each other inside large organizations. Their vision is to create a world where everyone can realize their potential.

To visualize people’s experiences and strengths and create an environment where people can freely connect, collaborate and co-create.

Beatrust has its mission and goals - which cannot be achieved alone. They believe we can succeed together - by knowing, helping, and enhancing each other. So we build a platform where everyone can freely connect, collaborate and co-create over organizational boundaries or even national borders.