Senior Frontend Engineer

  • Remote OK - Worldwide
  • Full-time
  • December 23, 2023
5,000,000 - 12,000,000 JPY /yr
Apply from Anywhere 👍
Relocation to Japan 👍
(Overseas visa sponsorship supported)
Language Requirements
Japanese: Not Required 👍
English: Business Level
Minimum Experience
Mid-level or above


Although the domestic manufacturing industry is estimated to be worth 180 trillion yen, many manufacturers and their suppliers are unable to fully demonstrate their development potential and technological capabilities because they are hindered by quotations and administrative tasks, as well as a lack of sales force and information.

CADDi’s mission is to remove those restrictions in various aspects of the industry and unleash each company’s potential to the fullest. We introduce technology to drive digital transformation in the industry so that all manufactures - from small factories and established leading manufactures to new start-ups - can thrive and add new value to the world. Will you bring your skill to create such a future with us?

Unleash the potential of manufacturing from the frontend

  CADDi’s ordering and supply platform is still a work in progress. As our client base, the scope of our service, and the scale of transactions are rapidly expanding, operating processes are in a constant state of improvement and evolution. As such, the requirements for UI/UX also change from day to day. That’s why our frontend applications need to be resistant to changes while maintaining high operability.

  In addition to the core platform, we are creating a range of new products to support the platform. At CADDi, we provide optimal UI/UX for different purposes and skillsets to bring forth transformational change in the manufacturing industry and day-to-day operations of people supporting the industry.


  • Design and implementation of web frontend systems for systems used by CADDi’s operation team, clients and their suppliers
  • Formulate and implement UI/UX improvement plans based on feedback from our business team
  • UI/UX improvements based on various qualitative and quantitative research (user surveys, log analysis, inquiry analysis, etc.)
  • Selection and verification of middleware, frameworks and other technologies

Development Environment

  • Development language
    • Frontend: HTML, CSS, TypeScript
    • Backend: TypeScript, Rust, Kotlin
  • Frameworks
    • Frontend: React, Apollo, Next.js, styled-components, WebGL, WebAssembly
    • Backend: Rust (tokio, tonic, diesel), Kotlin (Micronaut, Exposed), Node.js (express, NestJS)
  • Infrastructure: GCP, GKE
  • Database: PostgreSQL, Firestore
  • API: GraphQL, REST, gRPC
  • Authentication: Auth0
  • Development tools: GitHub, CircleCI, Figma, Sentry, DataDog, Storybook
  • Communication tools: Slack, Discord, JIRA, Miro


  • An understanding our mission to unleash the potential of manufacturing
  • Development experience using modern frontend frameworks such as React, Vue, Angular
  • Hands-on experience programming with TypeScript
  • Ability to conduct hearings and test hypotheses to build powerful user experiences
  • Experience developing in a team using Git/GitHub

Preferred Qualifications

  • Hands-on experience building a service from scratch
  • Experience in user experience design
  • Experience styling with CSS-in-JS frameworks such as styled-component and emotion
  • Experience with backend development using Node.js or Deno
  • Experience with GraphQL and relevant libraries such as Apollo and urql
  • Experience investigating web page rendering performance
  • Development experience with SSR, CSR, SSG frameworks
  • Development experience using WebAssembly

For overseas candidates

  • Full Time Position In Japan Base
  • Relocation support is available
  • Visa support is available
  • Japanese language educational support is available
  • Remote working in Japan working hours (while waiting for Visa)
  • We can guide you to the next step quickly if you could mention the following point in your application email.
    • Willing to relocate to Japan once visa is granted
    • Able to work full time JST 9:00-18:00~JST11:00-20:00 while waiting for visa

CADDi is a manufacturing platform that utilizes an original cost estimation algorithm to optimally matches buyers and suppliers based on quality, cost, and delivery time.

Supported by an automatic quotation system, CADDi radically simplifies the RFQ process and reduces a process that previously took over two weeks to just seven seconds, providing economical and high quality metal fabrication services.

By harnessing the power of technology, CADDi strives to fundamentally address systematic inefficiencies in the 120 trillion yen procurement market.

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Senior Frontend Engineer at CADDi