Data Scientist

  • Tokyo
  • Partial Remote
  • Full-time
  • September 30, 2022
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Language Requirements
Japanese: Business Level
English: Business Level
Minimum Experience
Mid-level or above

In SmartNews, growing with fast speed, various opportunities of data science exist. Decision making based on scientific analysis accelerates product and business growth with learning and improvement in try and error cycle processes. In improving user satisfaction and giving value to business stakeholders like publisher, advertiser, and agency etc., data science plays an important role.

We are seeking data scientist who have proactive mind in ambiguous environment and decent skill to deliver impactful actionable insight to product and business.



  • Analyze data for one or more of the following areas:
    • ad product development
    • ad sales
    • marketing
    • mobile app UI/UX
    • news/video content
    • other product analyses

  • Proactively ideate analysis projects and prioritize them
  • Report data insights and predictions via visualizations and dashboards as well as written and verbal communication
  • Work closely with business leads product managers, engineers, etc. to ensure that data insights are actually translated into concrete product improvements or actions
  • Help determine the overall data strategy (potentially with help from data engineers and product managers

  • 下記の中で、一つ以上の分野でデータ分析を行う。
    • 広告プロダクト開発・広告営業
    • マーケティング
    • モバイルアプリのUI/UX
    • ニュースやビデオコンテンツ
    • その他、新規事業を含むプロダクト分析

  • ユーザーや広告主・媒体社満足度を上げ事業を成長させるために、プロダクトの戦略や仕様・機能を考え意思決定する上で必要なデータ分析を行う。
  • 積極的に分析プロジェクトを考案し、優先順位をつける。
  • データによる洞察をダッシュボードやチャートで可視化し、口頭・文面で説明する。
  • ビジネスリード、プロダクトマネージャーやエンジニアと協力し、データインサイトをプロダクト改善に繋げる。
  • 会社全体のデータ戦略を、データエンジニアなどと議論しながら決定し、改善する。


Minimum Qualifications

  • Technical university degree or equivalent knowledge
  • 3 years of analytical work experience
  • Experience with SQL and either R or Python
  • Medium level knowledge of applied statistics (hypothesis testing, multivariate regression, time series analysis etc.)
  • Analytical work experience related to apps, web service, or ads
  • Strong communication, logical thinking skills, and enthusiasm for new challenges
  • Business-level English reading & communication AND business-level Japanese reading

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience managing/mentoring other data scientists
  • Advanced level knowledge of applied statistics (causal inference, bayesian modeling etc.)
  • Understanding of machine learning
  • Basic understanding of data engineering tasks (e.g. data warehousing, model deployment, using data workflow tools like Azkaban or Airflow)
  • Experience with big data (Hive, Spark, Presto, etc.) and SQL performance tuning
  • Experience with Linux command line
  • Business-level Japanese reading & communication


Benefits and Perks

  • Support programs for self-improvement and career development (language learning, etc.)
  • SmartKitchen - Healthy lunch on a daily basis for free (Tokyo Office)
  • ChikyuCoffee - Delicious coffee provided by our Barista every day (Tokyo Office)
  • transportation coverage (maximum 50,000 yen)
  • Various social insurance benefits included


  • 語学学習など自己研鑽やキャリア開発のサポートプログラム
  • SmartKitchen - ランチカフェテリア無料
  • 地球珈琲 - バリスタが淹れる本格珈琲無料
  • 交通費支給 (上限5万円)
  • 各種社会保険

How to apply

Please apply via the form below & please also submit source-code like GitHub account and CV



Recently crowned Japan's latest tech unicorn, this company runs a wildly successful news service that’s powered by machine learning. It's an engineering-focused company (One of co-founders is an engineer) and they have offices in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Shanghai, Beijing that are apparently doing quite well too.

The mission of SmartNews is to discover and deliver quality stories to the world. Since its inception in 2012, the SmartNews app has been downloaded over 50 million downloads and maintained a monthly active user count of over 20 million.

In addition to being one of the most popular smartphone apps in Japan, SmartNews has worked hard on building their business in the US. They now have partnerships with over 300 major news publications in the US like CBS, Entertainment Weekly, Business Insider, National Geographic and more. They’ve had a great deal of success due to their ML-based sorting and recommendation systems.

SmartNews has a highly diverse development team with many world-class engineers and others working from their offices in Japan,China and the US. They maintain a very strict hiring bar for technical hires and an engineering-driven culture that makes them one of the strongest tech companies in Japan when it comes to technical skill level.

SmartNews is looking to hire the best people regardless of background, so they’re willing to hire people that don’t speak Japanese and (under normal circumstances) bring them to Japan from overseas if necessary. Everyone works together as one team regardless of location, and SmartNews provides everything their employees need to do their best work and maintains a Silicon Valley-inspired culture for engineers in Tokyo.

SmartNews's policies during COVID-19 are as follows:

  • All interviews are being conducted remotely
  • Employees are working remotely following the government’s instructions
  • They've given everyone some monetary incentive to support working from home
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