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Top Yoga Studios In Tokyo (With English-speaking Instructors!)


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No matter our age, gender, or physical condition, doing yoga can provide the inner peace many of us desperately need. Plus, it provides a great workout in the process!

Of course, yoga studios are as popular in Tokyo as they are in most major cities, but as a foreigner, it’s easy to get lost if you don’t know where to start.

In this post, you’ll find some of the best yoga studios in Tokyo that offer instruction in English. Some even offer classes over video calls that are easy to book. So let’s take a look at the list of studios that made the cut.

Nami Yoga Studio: Bilingual Yoga in Tokyo’s Akasaka

Located in the heart of Tokyo in Akasaka, Nami Yoga Studio offers easy access from all over the city as it’s only a five-minute walk from the Akasaka-Mitsuke Station.

This place offers some of the best bilingual yoga classes in Tokyo, as their instructors can all speak Japanese and English perfectly. 

Nami Yoga Studio specializes in Hatha Yoga, a branch of Yoga that’s focused on channeling vital energy through physical movement. The classes are offered in both private and group settings. In addition to the yoga classes, the studio also provides breathwork sessions and focused meditation classes.

The studio has around 10 instructors available, so you’re bound to find a free spot in one of the sessions offered. The sessions last for about 45 to 75 minutes, and one class costs around 3,500 JPY. 

That said, there’s a first-timer package that includes 3 classes you can use up in one week for 5,000 JPY, as well as an unlimited membership for 20,000 JPY a month. You can find out about the additional packages and plans on the studio’s pricing page.

Sun & Moon Yoga: Yoga Classes in Tokyo’s Shinagawa

Sun & Moon Yoga is another great choice located in central Tokyo in Shinagawa, and it’s only an 8-minute walk from the nearest Gotanda Station.

The studio offers a wide array of classes that suit every style. You have Hatha and Vinyasa (free-flowing, dynamic yoga) Yoga classes, as well as restorative yoga (think a hatha session with deeper, longer poses) and Yin Yoga, which aims to strengthen the muscles.

In addition to yoga classes, Sun & Moon Yoga also offers mindfulness meditation sessions to soothe your mind and lessen the worries of your busy life in the big city.

Through online reservation, you can instantly book an online class, which costs 2,000 JPY, and an in-person session for 3,000 JPY. You can also get a 3-month-long package for 18,000 JPY, which includes 10 classes.

The best part about Sun & Moon Yoga is that their entire schedule is managed online, so you can always check the available sessions and book a class on the go. Of course, all instructors speak English, and fully-English speaking classes are available for all levels, including beginners.


Yoga Tree: English-Speaking Yoga Instructers in Tokyo, Hiroo

Yoga Tree’s location simply can’t be beaten, as it takes less than a minute on foot to reach it from the Hiroo Station. As expected, the studio has an international community and offers classes in both English and Japanese.

Among the classes offered at Yoga Tree are the standards like Hatha Yoga and Restorative Yoga, but Iyengar Yoga is offered as well, which interprets yoga poses with an emphasis on the structural alignment of the body. 

Of course, more meditative options like mindful yoga are also available if you want to focus on stress relief. There are even movement and fitness classes offered by a certified national gymnast, which makes Yoga Tree a great all-rounder option for those who want different types of workouts. 

You can drop in for an available session by checking the online booking system and paying 3,000 JPY per session. Alternatively, there’s a 5-class package for 13,000 JPY and a 10-class package for 23,000 JPY, but there are no memberships that offer unlimited classes.

Under The Light Yoga: An International Yoga Community in Tokyo, Yoyogi

Under The Light Yoga offers guided yoga sessions by five Yoga Alliance registered instructors.

Located only a two-minute walk from the nearest Yoyogi Station, most instructors at Under The Light Yoga offer classes in Japanese, but the establishment is more than happy to accommodate you should you request an English class.

In fact, one of the five instructors, Kranti, offers classes mainly in English, but you can still get live translation if you book with one of the other instructors.

Here, you have a selection of specialists for different types of yoga, like Hatha and Iyengar, including Sivananda, a form of yoga that extends beyond exercising with asana poses, and Ashtanga, which is a dynamic, classic form of yoga.

At Under The Light Yoga, you can drop in for a class for 3,000 JPY or sign up for a membership plan. You can book your class online via the website.

Mint Mat Yoga Studio: Yoga Workshops in Tokyo’s Greenest Studio

In under three minutes on foot from the Hiroo Station, you’ll find yourself in the green oasis that is the Mint Mat Yoga Studio, a peaceful studio surrounded by a lush garden full of trees.

The studio offers both group and individual classes in English and Japanese. Besides zen experiences that are focused on meditation, you’ll find dynamic, exercise-heavy classes for beginners and advanced practitioners.

The studio offers drop-in classes for 3,850 JPY, but new students can also get a one-week unlimited trial pass for 5,000 JPY to get a good feeling for the classes over a longer period. As for the regular packages, you have a monthly 5-pass option that costs 14,000 JPY a month and an unlimited pass priced at 22,000 JPY a month.

Both the schedule and booking are fully online, so you can check the available spots and attend classes on the fly. The studio also offers a student discount of 15% on classes and packages after the trial.


Yoga In English With TOM: English Classes in Tokyo and Online

Located only 10 minutes from Shibuya Train Station, Yoga in English With Tom is Yoga instructor Tom’s studio, where he teaches both group and individual classes. 

Tom was born in Japan, raised in the United States, and has qualifications in Bikram, Ashtanga, and Hatha Yoga, as well as a RYT200 certification from India, so you can even take classes here to become an instructor yourself. 

Tom’s classes are available both in group settings at IYC Omotesando and in private in the comfort of your home. Group classes, which are offered both in English and Japanese, cost 1,760 JPY, and you can take private classes for 9,000 JPY (starting price). 

If you’re worried about group classes as a beginner, Tom’s website explicitly states that absolute beginners are welcome, too. To attend a class, all you need to do is show up 10 minutes before a session, and you can even rent out a yoga mat on the spot. See the schedule on the website for class times.

International Yoga Center (IYC) Jinbocho: Yoga For Stress Relief in Tokyo

International Yoga Center, or IYC, has many locations throughout Tokyo, but the one in Jinbocho is arguably the best due to its central location. 

Only a seven-minute walk from the Jinbocho Station, IYC Jinbocho offers over 250 classes a week in a variety of Yoga disciplines like Vinyasa, Hatha, and Ashtanga, in addition to more relaxation-focused meditative sessions. 

There are classes suitable for advanced learners as well as absolute beginners, and the packed schedule ensures you’ll find a class that suits you no matter what.

The best thing about IYC is that they don’t have any memberships or membership fees, so you can just drop in for a class by showing up 10 minutes before, which costs 3,300 JPY per session. You can see the schedule for all classes online, and you don’t need to book or reserve a spot.

There are also 4, 10, and 20-class packages available, which cost ¥11,000, ¥22,000, and ¥35,200 respectively. You do need to bring your own yoga mat, as it's not included in the price, but you can also rent out one on the spot for ¥300. Keep in mind that you can take the classes included in package deals at every IYC location, which is a neat bonus.

YogaJaya: Inspirational Yoga, Online

YogaJaya is one of the best establishments for bilingual yoga in Tokyo. In fact, it’s perfect for anyone who has access to the internet, as the classes are completely held online over Zoom, and all of the content and classes offered are available in both Japanese and English.

YogaJaya used to have a physical location in Ebisu, but the establishment turned into a hybrid model after the pandemic, closing its studio. That said, the studio now has a neat app you can use to attend classes wherever you wish.

YogaJaya was started with the intention of motivating and inspiring individuals, not just teaching them yoga poses. So, if you want to get a bit more spiritually involved in addition to getting a good workout, Jaya might work well for you.

The pricing, as expected, is subscription-based, and you can have access to the online practice and lecture modules for 21 USD a month on an annual plan. There’s also optional one-on-one tutorship available, and you can even take courses to become a certified instructor yourself.

Yoga Beyond: Family-Friendly Yoga For Pregnancy in Tokyo


While it’s the final one on our list, Yoga Beyond’s offering is perhaps the most unique out of all the ones I introduced so far. 

Located in Suginami City, Ogibuko, this is a family-friendly establishment.

If you have children and want to include them in your workout or simply don’t want to look for a babysitter, Yoga Beyond can be a lifesaver. The parent and child yoga classes are perfect for toddlers and even babies. Plus, as it can sometimes be hard to make friends as an expat in Japan, you’ll have a chance to socialize with other parents and can even form a “support group”.

Maternity Yoga is also offered during pregnancy, and there are also classes for absolute beginners. There are even classes for kids, so both you and your child can enjoy classes together or separately. One of their classes lets the parents learn yoga with their kids in English and is taught by a bilingual instructor.

You can check the schedule online for available classes. Adult classes are 1,500 JPY if you’re not a member, but you can select one of the membership packages for more affordable prices. A yoga mat is included in the price, and online classes are available as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About English-Speaking Yoga Instructors In Tokyo

Now that we’ve covered the best yoga studios in Tokyo with English instructors, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about yoga studios in Tokyo.

How Popular Is Yoga In Japan?

Yoga, with all its sub-disciplines, is very popular in Japan. In fact, as I explained in my fitness in Japan post, most fitness studios also offer yoga classes, which you can attend if you like variety and like to change up your workout styles.

Are There Yoga Events in Tokyo?

Yes. In addition to the classes offered by the studios I introduced here, there are a large number of yoga events happening throughout Tokyo, such as outdoor Yoga meetups in various parks. A simple search on Meetup can help you find upcoming events.

Can You Sign Up To Yoga For Pregnancy In Tokyo?

Yes, many yoga studios in Tokyo offer maternity yoga. That said, if you’re looking for a specific recommendation, our pick is Yoga Beyond. If you’re a prospective or new parent, you might also find my post on parental leave in Japan informative.


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