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Appier's mission is to make AI easy by making software intelligent. They empower businesses with predictive Artificial Intelligence to grow and succeed based on data-driven decisions.

We believe that all software will eventually be intelligent. Appier envisions a future where precise, automated, and proactive decision-making is made possible through enterprise software powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Realizing the Power of AI

Although it seems that Artificial Intelligence is everywhere these days, once upon a time it was seen as futuristic and fantastical. Nevertheless, it was around this time that our founders were working hard on AI projects in labs at Stanford and Harvard, and seeing more and more every day that AI technology has the power to fundamentally change how we work, live and play for the better.

Finding Purpose

This set our founders on a path to finding ways to apply their AI expertise to help make people’s lives easier. After some experimentation, trial and error and proving that they were not ahead of their time, Appier was born, led by a passionate team of computer scientists and engineers with expertise in AI, data analysis, distributed systems, and marketing.

Our mission is to empower businesses with AI by transforming software to make it intelligent, and digital marketing is our first step in making this a reality.

A Commitment to Excellence and a Vision for the Future

Chih-Han, Joe, Winnie and the many talented and enthusiastic ‘Appiers’ around the world collaborate every day on making AI accessible to solve real business challenges, empowered by core values of ambition, direct communication and open-mindedness.

We work hard to anticipate future challenges, experimenting and innovating with the latest AI technologies and to support digital transformation and move towards a better world.

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Appier is a public company. They completed their IPO and listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2021.
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