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SIVA runs an online platform that helps companies manage their digital marketing. They’ve been in business for 7 years, and have been building their online platform “Squad beyond” for 2.5 years.

SIVA’s product supports the long-term success of its users by visualizing and streamlining all resources and their traceability, starting from production and operation.

As of 2023, the Annual Recurring Revenue is approaching the high single-digit billions of yen mark, and the number of users has increased more than 25-fold in two years.

SIVA has hundreds of companies and thousands of customers, and a 98% retention rate.

SIVA’s growth in Japan was achieved by focusing on specific customer segments and niche areas and acquiring users in a sales-driven manner. As they expand overseas, they aim to broaden their customer base, centered on product-led growth gradually and are in the process of expanding the size of the organization.

A small number of employees make up the development organization. In order to improve long-term scalability, they are in the process of hiring foreign engineers and ramping up their agile development processes starting in 2023.

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