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Startbahn, the leading art tech company in Asia, has developed Startrail, a sustainable and scalable blockchain infrastructure that assures the reliability, authenticity, and traceability of artworks, including NFTs.

Startrail maintains and assures the value of artworks by permanently recording important information such as provenance on the blockchain. With its smart contract feature, Startrail allows the automatic execution of rule sets, including royalty rights, protecting the rights of art world stakeholders.

Startbahn also provides Startrail PORT, a service which includes web application, API and NFC tags to make it easier to utilize Startrail. Each NFT can be paired with an NFC tag attached to the physical artwork, strengthening the proof of authenticity. Startrail PORT is currently already in use by major galleries, art fairs, collectors, artists, arts colleges, and foundations.

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To provide the technology that everyone involved in art needs, for a better society.
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