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Tektome is an Architectural Design AI Platform.

Tektome is at the forefront of technological innovation for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC). Their commitment is to drive excellence, push technological boundaries, and transform the AEC as a whole. Tektome is a spin out of one of the first AI companies in Japan, Incubit. They are looking for dedicated professionals who share our passion and ambition. If you’re a developer hungry for challenges and eager to be part of a pioneering tech firm, Tektome is where you belong.

Work on cutting-edge technologies: Tektome is essentially tackling the problem of how AEC companies manage their data through turning unstructured massive amounts of data in various forms (scanned blueprints, CAD, BIM) into structured data which downstream applications they build can benefit from. They leverage the shift towards using natural language to define custom extraction and logic pipelines by users whom cannot code such that they own their data. As such, Tektome builds upon multimodal language models and are constantly updating our trajectory to match the rapid speed of AI development.

Personal growth and learning opportunities: Tektome is still a small team and the trend of growth is accelerating extremely quickly which means members can grow not just their skills in new areas but also their career as the company expands. They value personal learning and provide a monthly stipend to take new courses, attend events or purchase study materials.

Collaborative and inclusive work environment: Tektome is committed to fostering a culture of collaboration and inclusivity, with English as our connecting language. Every voice is valued, and teamwork is the cornerstone of our success. Join Tektome in an environment where diverse perspectives are embraced, and innovative ideas flourish, all within a supportive community committed to mutual growth and respect.

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