Site Reliability Engineer (exaBase Studio)

  • Tokyo
  • Remote OK
  • Full-time
  • February 13, 2024
6,000,000 - 15,000,000 JPY /yr
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Language Requirements
Japanese: Conversational
English: Fluent

業務内容 / You will be

  • You will develop and enhance applications and products on top of the exaBase Studio platform and work in collaboration with the exaBase Studio development team to meet business needs.
  • Cultivate close partnerships with the business development team to identify potential business opportunities and support them in achieving business goals by developing solutions
  • Identify stakeholders independently and align cross-functional partners toward project completion goals with internal and external stakeholders.

[Technical Environment] Infrastructure:AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes Backend:Go Frontend:TypeScript, React, Vue.JS Others:Operator, Visual Studio Code


  • exaBase Studioプラットフォーム上でアプリケーションやプロダクトを開発・強化し、exaBase Studio開発チームと協働してビジネスニーズを満たしていくこと
  • Business Developmentチームと連携し、ビジネスチャンスを見つけ出し、ソリューションを開発することでビジネス上のゴール達成をサポートすること
  • ステークホルダーを定義・特定し、プロジェクト完了に向けて社内外のステークホルダーと横断的にコラボレーションを行うこと

[技術環境] インフラ:AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes バックエンド:Go フロントエンド:TypeScript, React, Vue.JS その他:Operator, Visual Studio Code


応募資格(必須) / Minimum qualifications

  • Development Skills/ Experience

    • Strong experience with operations of Kubernetes
    • Familiarity with at least one cloud platform, and experience in designing/implementing scalable cloud-based solution architectures
    • Knowledge of infrastructure-as-code concepts and tools ( e.g Chef, Packer, Terraform, etc.)
    • Programming skills to develop and add functionality and fix bugs as required to improve the performance and reliability of the product
    • Establishment and operation of monitoring environments for fault detection and capacity planning
    • Knowledge of source control, CI/CD, infrastructure automation, orchestration, deployment automation, and configuration management


  • Soft skills/Experience

    • Ability to communicate in Japanese during meetings


  • テクニカルスキル・経験

    • Kubernetesの運用経験
    • AWS、GCP等の各種クラウドサービスの利用、及びスケーラブルなクラウドベースのアーキテクチャデザイン・実装の経験
    • TerraformなどInfrastructure as Codeの運用経験、または興味
    • サービスのパフォーマンス・信頼性を向上させるのに必要な機能開発・追加、バグ修正を行うことのできるプログラミングスキル
    • 障害検知やキャパシティプランニングのためのモニタリング環境の構築、運用
    • ソース管理、CI/CD、オーケストリゼーション、デプロイ自動化、コンフィギュレーションマネジメントに関する知識


  • ソフトスキル・経験

    • 日本語のコミュニケーション能力


応募資格(歓迎)/Preferred qualifications

  • Software programming experience in a programming language (e.g Java, C/C++, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, GO, Perl, etc…)


  • 何らかのプログラミング言語での開発経験(例: Java、C/C++、Python、Ruby、JavaScript、Go、Perlなど)

ExaWizards is an AI start-up with a simple mission: solve social issues using AI and create a happy society. But to achieve it, they’re tackling issues across a wide variety of industries: Care tech, HR, fintech, medicine, security and more. They believe AI can help solve problems in all these areas, and they’re determined to do just that. Their business model can be broken into two different flows: project-focused and product-focused. For project-focused initiatives, they start from scratch. Their ML engineers and consultants identify business problems and build models aimed at solving them. In their product flow, they take the ML models developed for specific problems and generalize them to be useful for a wider array of problems. Normally they develop these solutions into SaaS products.

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