Senior Platform Engineer - exaBase Studio

  • Tokyo
  • Remote OK
  • Full-time
  • December 23, 2023
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Relocation to Japan 👍
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Language Requirements
Japanese: Conversational
English: Conversational

Position Overview

As a senior platform engineer, you will be responsible for designing and implementing one of our flagship platform products - exaBase Studio - that helps customers easily deploy and deliver application and machine learning scalable reactive pipelines as APIs.


What we are Looking for

You will design and implement the architecture of a platform that enables software engineers, machine learning engineers, business and designers to deploy Application and ML pipelines as reactive APIs, as well as develop the actual platform itself.

You will be responsible for the code reviews of your team members and providing guidance.

The overall platform product strategy is determined by team discussions based on the feedback from the main business and product owners. You will be expected to contribute to the team decision from the viewpoint of a senior software engineer.


You are someone who is:

  • Interested in the implementation of machine learning technologies for the sake of solving social issues

  • Interested in cutting-edge computer science technologies


Required Skills

  • Strong development background in Golang or Python

  • Strong Kubernetes expertise as a user and developer

  • General experience with Linux, virtualization & storage

  • Knowledge of automated software testing, CI/CD, release management

  • Experience in software development projects, including architectural design

  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills :
    Business-level English and conversational Japanese
    Business-level Japanese and at least reading and writing capabilities for English


Preferred Skills

  • Background in computer science or a related field

  • Project management skills

  • Experience with design, development, testing, and monitoring of large-scale and data-intensive systems

  • Experience designing, building and running elastic, cost-effective, resilient, robust, and secure architectures in the cloud using modern approaches like service-mesh and loosely coupled design

  • Ability to manage different Kubernetes providers (Amazon EKS and Fargate, Azure KS and Google KE) or run your own;

  • In order to ensure cloud foundation is strong and with needed compliance requirements, be able to:

    • Design & Implement Network connectivity

    • Provision Strategy

    • Assess & Design RBAC needs

  • Proficient in a wide variety of Cloud Native Services, and to an extent able to consult the others;

  • Familiarity with programming paradigms and concepts like OOP, multi-threading, idempotency;


Screening Process

  • Documentation Screening (Resume & Test)

  • 1st Interview (Technical Interview)

  • 2nd Interview (Technical Interview)

  • Final Interview (HR and CEO Interview)

ExaWizards is an AI start-up with a simple mission: solve social issues using AI and create a happy society. But to achieve it, they’re tackling issues across a wide variety of industries: Care tech, HR, fintech, medicine, security and more. They believe AI can help solve problems in all these areas, and they’re determined to do just that. Their business model can be broken into two different flows: project-focused and product-focused. For project-focused initiatives, they start from scratch. Their ML engineers and consultants identify business problems and build models aimed at solving them. In their product flow, they take the ML models developed for specific problems and generalize them to be useful for a wider array of problems. Normally they develop these solutions into SaaS products.

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