Software Engineer - Backend

  • Tokyo
  • No Remote
  • Full-time
  • February 7, 2024
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Language Requirements
Japanese: Not Required 👍
English: Business Level
Minimum Experience
Mid-level or above


Our Tokyo engineering team is hiring a backend software engineer to work on the key components of our Picking Assist AMR solution. The team’s mission is to ensure the delivery of a solid and robust product by coordinating with and supporting the various squads working on the project. While the engineer’s role is focused on software development and good software engineering practice, our values encourage open discussion and being a good colleague.

The position is available on-site in Tokyo, Japan. Our official language is English.

In this role, you will

  • Develop core components in the Rapyuta Robotics ecosystem
  • Improve code quality at the same time
  • Collaborate with developers and product managers to create real customer value



Minimum Qualifications

  • 3-5 years Python experience, including 3.10~3.11
  • Web frameworks (e.g. FastAPI or Django)
  • Databases (NoSQL or RDBMS, e.g. Redis and/or Postgres)
  • Test & build (pytest, GitHub Actions, Docker)


Bonus points

  • Experience with task queue libraries (e.g. Celery, dramatiq or Huey)
  • Can articulate technology choices, e.g. Tornado vs. Flask
  • Practical experience with asyncio or some messaging bus
  • Open-source contributions, patents


Is this the right job for you?

  • You like APIs designed with a clear purpose
  • You do your best to find a balance between engineering and customer needs
  • You want to work relatively closely with customers
  • You like to know how your component operates as part of a larger system



  • Competitive salary
  • Working with an exceptionally talented and diverse team
  • Visa and relocation support

Rapyuta Robotics is a global technology startup that builds cloud robotics solutions. Their goal is to empower lives through connected machines so humans can focus on intellectually challenging and creative work. They have around 110 employees across their offices in Japan and India.

While improvements in technology are helping to make robotics more accessible to markets, the ability to integrate all the required expertise remains a barrier for most companies. Rapyuta Robotics is building a platform to make robots more attainable and useful to anyone.

Their platform makes it easy for businesses to deploy robotics solutions without needing in-house robotics expertise. By integrating robot hardware, software, sensor data, and applications in the cloud — where powerful data centers manage the heavy computation — Rapyuta’s platform lets end-users focus on their business processes instead of on managing robot hardware or software infrastructure.

Empowering Lives with Connected Machines.
Rapyuta Robotics strongly believes that the dirty, dull, and dangerous work should be automated and people should be given an option to take up more intellectually challenging and creative work. They aim to enable this automation with machines that are connected and coordinated.

They hope that robotics will not exclude people, but work for them as a familiar partner, creating new ways of working and new revenue opportunities.

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Software Engineer - Backend at Rapyuta Robotics