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PayPay, a fintech company that achieved more than 47M users within around 3 years since its launch in 2018 has hugely diversified employees who are from 40 different countries.

Our biggest competitor is "cash". We are seeking for people who can accept this challenge positively, brush up the product at a tremendous speed that other companies could never achieve, and who are passionate about promoting and spreading such a financial life platform in a short time along with professionalism.

PayPay’s policies during COVID-19 are as follows:

  • PayPay has been transitioning to remote work to ensure employees safety during the pandemic, and we’ll continue this even after it subsides.

  • While we’re open to considering engineers looking to relocate to Japan, travel restrictions have made it difficult to give a clear timeframe for relocation.

  • Until COVID-19 is settled and we're ready to issue visas, you can start working remotely from abroad.

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  • Fin Tech
  • Mobile Payments
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Our core mission is to bring a revolution in the way millions of people make fast payments.
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