[Global/kurashiru retail] Android Engineer

  • Tokyo
  • Partial Remote
  • Full-time
  • December 23, 2023
6,000,000 - 12,000,000 JPY /yr
Apply from Japan Only
(You must live in Japan to apply)
Language Requirements
Japanese: Not Required 👍
English: Fluent
Minimum Experience
Senior or above

# What is “Kurashiru retail platform?” On this platform, we support retailers to go through digital transformation (DX), for example, to help them launch their online shop, and digitally operate sales promotion. We would like to hire new members for this platform-for-retailers model, which is part of “Kurashiru flier business”. # Why we created this flier business Retailers are struggling to maintain the number of customers, especially that of the younger generation, for instance supermarkets having fewer young consumers than before. For supermarkets, fliers tucked in newspapers were the main resource to maintain/attract consumers, but because fewer people now subscribe to the papers in Japan (25% decrease in newspaper subscription in the last 20 years), it is less likely for people to see/pay attention to fliers. So, we believe that we can be of great help to retailers if we display their fliers (digitally) on our Kurashiru app because the app has been downloaded more than 30 million times, and the main users are in their 20s and 30s. This is also a brilliant solution to already Kurashiru users who have thought “where can I buy ingredients for recipes I find on Kurashiru”.

# This business’s future plan and the reason why we are now hiring Currently, we display retailers’ fliers on Kurashiru app and on our own website. We also suggest recipes matching the promoted goods on the fliers, out of 38,000 recipes on Kurashiru.

# Job description - Android app construction, development, test and delivery - Android app maintenance and improvement on CI/CD environment and release flow - To have negotiations with stakeholders about Android requirements and specifications - To spot potential issues in individuals and teams, and strive to solve the issues

# Appeal of this job <About the service and product> - Can be part of a team at a beginning phase, trying to make business in digitally transforming Retail industry, which attracts so much attention all over the world. - Can be a leading person in the market since this new market has been growing rapidly. - Can experience many aspects of business, which is typical of the beginning phase. <About the team and development> - Currently 5 people in the team, so can easily talk to/ understand each other. - Can experience others’ field and get feedback and covered from others. - Can get so much feedback from users since this is one of the biggest service for customers. - Can work on what you think you can improve since the app was released only a year and half ago. - Can do data analysis and think about the PDCA cycle based on the analysis.

# Required experience - have 2 years or more experience in developing native Android apps. - have released apps that you developed (as an individual or part of a team in a company). - Can manage libraries with “gradle” on Android Studio.

# Preferred experience - Have experience in and/or knowledge of growth hacking apps for consumers. - Have experience in and/or knowledge of maintaining CI/CD environments. - Have experience in and/or knowledge of microinteractions itself or actually implementing them. - Have skills in teaming up with and coaching members.

# Candidates suitable for this position can be those - Who always think about users first, and act accordingly. - Who can think very hard to come up with designs that are flexible, but also strong for modifications. - Who can act based on a strategy with which we can deliver something valuable to users quickly. - Who are good at/interested in promoting more collaborations within the team. - Who are good at/interested in sharing tech information in the public.

We operate businesses that brighten the lives of people and society in order to realize our vision, BE THE SUN.

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[Global/kurashiru retail] Android Engineer at dely
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