Infra Engineer

  • Tokyo
  • Remote OK
  • Full-time
  • February 1, 2023
7,000,000 - 8,000,000 JPY /yr
Apply from Japan Only
(You must live in Japan to apply)
Language Requirements
Japanese: Conversational
English: Conversational
Minimum Experience
Mid-level or above

Job description

The Data Production Department designs, develops, and operates a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) developed in-house, a system that operates and manages the StriX satellite series, and a DaaS system that sells observation data acquired from satellites to customers.

The first StriX was launched in December 2020, and the second was successfully launched in March 2022. We plan to realize 6 satellite constellations by 2023 and 30 satellite constellations around 2026, covering more than 1 million cities around the world. The system that operates and manages satellites in the orbit of outer space handles a large amount of data, and there are many technical issues that are challenging.
In this position, you will be involved in the following tasks within a highly diverse team that includes foreign members.


  • Development and maintenance of satellite operation system
  • Testing the satellite operating system
  • Maintenance of satellite operation system

Job Requirements

Minimum Qualifications

  • Work experience around infrastructure (network, security, Kubernetes, CICD, etc.)
  • Experience in development with more than 3 members
  • Experience in development using AWS or Google Cloud
  • Communication skill
  • Able to come to the Kiyosumi Shirakawa office at least 3 times a week

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience using terraform
  • Conversation level English

Compensation & Arrangements

  • Benefits: Commuting expenses, health insurance, employees' pension insurance
  • Flexible work-hour and location
  • Others: Part-Time or second job allowed

Synspective is a space start-up that provides business solutions based on data from satellites. Founded in 2018, they develop and operate their own synthetic aperture radar satellites.

While most start-ups in the Earth Observation sector are limited to one area such as data analytics or the development of satellite hardware, Synspective handles everything from developing satellites to data analytics to building solutions for clients based on this infrastructure.

With an emphasis on data, Synspective aims to become a true one-stop-shop player for solutions based on satellite data. With SAR satellites that apply the results of the Japanese Cabinet Office’s “ImPACT” program, Synspective’s goal is to create a platform capable of frequent data collection, and sell or use that data to offer solutions for government and business entities.

Synspective’s culture is defined by their concept of “Human Centered Design for Company”. They’re striving to build a strong organization that relies on the performance of each individual. To that end, they provide a flexible environment where specialists can work autonomously, empowering members to work whenever it enables them to do their best work.

Since the company is entering into a market that’s still developing, optimizing for the performance of each individual is essential for the success of the company’s business. They also want to support members in expressing their own ideas and hypothesis since they know that the satellite business still has many open questions.

Synspective is an organization full of highly-motivated specialists, so each full-time employee is on a 6-month contract. Members’ performance is evaluated every six months, and those who’ve made major contributions are rewarded for their effort. This also helps maintain an environment where everyone can work freely and independently among people focused on improvement and growth.

Synspective's policies during COVID-19 are as follows:

  • During COVID-19 all of their members are working from home. *They’ve opened up hiring for overseas candidates for a few positions.
  • Synspective was already working remotely before COVID-19 for most roles.
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Infra Engineer at Synspective
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