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Bodygram is an advanced AI body size estimation software and platform. Our comprehensive database of global body measurements helps consumers and businesses harness the power of the body.

Bodygram is a rapidly growing AI company that aims at empowering people through intuitive body insights.

We are looking for talented and intellectually curious engineers and other talents to support the company’s mission. As part of Bodygram's family, you will work in an international team under the guidance of experienced co-workers from leading tech companies (such as Google and Amazon) to deliver end-to-end, cutting-edge capabilities and features to Bodygram's users and partners.

You will work on a specific project critical to Bodygram's needs with opportunities to switch projects as you — and our fast-paced business environment — grow and evolve.

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We provide people with the information and tools they need to evolve their relationship with their bodies.
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