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6mil - 17mil JPY

株式会社カラクルは「世界のシゴトをたのしくする」というビジョンの元、自社サービスやコンサルティングなど多岐にわたるIT事業を展開しています。 個人とチームが最大限に力を発揮できるフラットな組織で、開発チームには様々な国から優秀な人材が集まっています。フルフレックス制度、リモートワーク制度など、テックカンパニーらしいユニークな福利厚生が充実。 コーチ制度があり、優秀な先輩エンジニアと一緒に働くことで経験を積み、成長し続けたい人にはすばらしい環境です。 業務中の言語は日本語もしくは英語で、チームに日本語がわからない人がいれば日本人メンバーも英語でプロジェクトを進めるといった形で、プロジェクトチームごとに柔軟に対応しています。外国籍メンバーは日本語を学び、日本人メンバーは英語を学ぶことで、お互いに言語面でサポートし合う文化があるようです。今は英語もしくは日本語に自信がなくても積極的にコミュニケーションをとり、語学を学んでいく姿勢があれば活躍できる環境なので、英語/日本語どちらか話せれば応募可能です。 世界各国から優秀なエンジニアが集まる環境で挑戦したい方にオススメです!

They’re building several in-house products such as Colorkrew Biz, which is a business concierge service that solves administrative issues using QR and authentication technologies, and Goalous, a social network for companies that focus on managing company goals like OKRs.

They also do consulting work across a wide variety of areas such as cloud integration, marketing and promotion, payments, server architecture and more. Colorkrew’s development team is made up of talented people from many different countries, and they maintain a vibrant, international environment. It’s also one of the first companies in Japan to adopt a truly flat hierarchy, eliminating all job titles and departments in order to maximize the impact of each individual. At Colorkrew, they have a culture that values employee autonomy, and flexibility.

They want their employees to be able to do their best work, so Colorkrew allows remote work, as well as “20% time” as long as you complete your scheduled work. They also have some great benefits. Thanks to their supportive company culture that fosters growth and teamwork, the average tenure of their engineers is about 5 years, which is much longer than most tech companies in Japan. This is a testament to how much people enjoy working at Colorkrew.

They also hire new graduates and interns to work on their engineering team, which is relatively rare for companies hiring non-Japanese engineers and candidates from abroad (most companies limit their overseas hiring to more experienced positions). We think this could be a great opportunity for someone who wants to start their engineering career in Japan and work alongside talented senior engineers to gain experience while also experiencing Japan!

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