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6mil - 12mil JPY

U-NEXT is a streaming service and digital content platform that offers movies, TV, anime, manga, music, and virtually every kind of digital content. Occupying the third-largest market share after Netflix and Amazon in Japan, it distinguishes itself as the biggest domestic representative. Entertaining its subscribers with an extensive product line-up unmatched by any of its competitors, U-NEXT offers a variety of Japan-focused content like drama series from Japan and other Asian countries that cannot be found anywhere else.

U-NEXT's business is focused heavily on technology: Their goal is to hire the best people to build their product (regardless of nationality), and they have managed to assemble a world-class engineering team in their Tokyo office. Their CEO himself has stated that "understanding and investing in technology" is of the utmost importance to the company. U-NEXT's leadership and members are highly diverse, with members from many different countries practicing agile development and maintaining a culture inspired by Silicon Valley tech companies.

U-NEXT's work style is also among the most flexible and progressive for Japanese tech companies. In addition to full flex time (no core hours) and remote work (even before COVID-19), they provide several great benefits designed to keep their employees as happy as possible.

As of November 2022, U-NEXT's work situation and hiring policies are as follows:

1. Work Arrangements:
  • Employees can choose between office-based work, remote work, or a hybrid model based on departmental preferences.
  • More than 80% of departments operate with remote work as the primary mode. They follow a work style that involves coming to the office as needed.
  • Some specific departments adhere to the policy of office-based work as a general rule.

2. Employment Screening:
  • Online interviews conducted through Google Meet are given priority in the hiring selection process.
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Tenshin Tsutsumi
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“The best times, any time, and only for you.” We take pride in our responsibility to meet the entertainment needs of each and every one of our subscribers, offering a diverse range of the highest quality and most entertaining content tailored to evolving tastes, constantly reevaluating and perfecting our service, and will continue to lead the industry in providing a comprehensive 360° entertainment distribution service.