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Many of the English-friendly companies in Japan have jobs posted here. Try setting your location to “Japan” even if you’re not in Japan yet; you’ll likely get more interest from recruiters there.

Created by the team behind Japan Dev, this site focuses on global "rocketship" companies. That is, companies on a break-out trajectory that offer the best risk-reward profile for job seekers.


BFFTokyo has a lot of information about searching for jobs in Japan as a foreigner. They also have more general content aimed at helping people settle down and thrive in Japan (they have guides for topics like making friends, visas, setting up credit cards and more).

We Work Remotely

Remote job listings. This can be a great option if your visa situation allows it.

Hacker News ‘Who’s Hiring?’

Usually companies that post here are willing to hire non-Japanese developers from abroad. They also have remote work opportunities. Search Google for the most recent thread.

Forkwell (JP)

Job postings for software developer positions, with salary ranges and sortable by programming language etc. It’s in Japanese, but some of the companies listed will be open to hiring English speakers.

Wantedly (JP)

This site lets you contact companies with the click of a button. It’s all in Japanese, but if that’s not a problem for you then it’s a great resource.

Company Data


Not all tech companies in Japan are on here, but there’s some pretty useful data for the ones that are. Filtering by location helps narrow down the data to only what’s relevant for Japan.

MP Digital Tech

This page contains salary and interview process data for some top tech companies in Japan like Indeed, Amazon, and SmartNews.

Job Draft (JP)

This site is a goldmine for salary data. It’s similar to “Hired”, but salary offers made to engineers are public. If you’re comfortable for Japanese, you can also participate in the process and potentially find a job here.

Vorkers (JP)

Vorkers is probably the closest thing Japan has to Glassdoor. They have a huge volume of data about every aspect of many of Japan’s tech companies. You can get full access either by purchasing a 1-month premium membership, or writing a review of your own company.

EN-Hyouban (JP)

EN-Hyouban is a free site with reviews and company data for many of Japan’s tech companies.

JobTalk (JP)

Yet another “Japanese Glassdoor” site. They have company reviews as well as Q&A sections for many Japanese companies.

Tech Meetups


This page keeps a running list of all the tech-related meetups happening each week. It’s super useful since it has all of them concentrated in one place.

Hacker News Tokyo

A monthly meeting of software engineers, designers, and anyone else interested in startups or tech in Japan. This event is invaluable for networking.

Dev Japan

The idea for this meetup is basically, go to a venue with a bunch of other engineers and work on whatever you want. Some people work alone, others go to get advice from others and meet people. It’s up to you.

There are a ton of other tech-related meetups on this site, for pretty much any technology you can think of. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on for those in Japan.


This site hosts a mixture of English and Japanese meetups, including Hacker News Tokyo and the popular “Tokyo Rubyist Meetup”.

Check out Eric's page and Manami's page to see what events we're joining!


Connpass is more focused on Japanese-language meetups, but it has everything. Definitely take a look if you’re in Japan and your goal is to network with fellow software engineers.


Disrupting Japan

Disrupting Japan is an awesome podcast about business in Japan, with a focus on startups. They have transcripts from all their episodes, as well as their own resources page.

Scaling Japan

Scaling Japan is a podcast focusing on startup growth in Japan. They have guests on to talk about topics like starup investing and how to sell and partner with Japanese companies.


JapanesePod101 is a Japanese-learning podcast. It's one of the most popular tools out there for Japanese learners — I've even used it myself.

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