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IZUMO is a new-era VTuber project with a mission to create a sustainable platform where everyone can live as they want to be.

AnotherBall aims to unlock the potential of humanity through avatar technology.

Recently, AnotherBall has completed the “SAI by IZUMO” project with world-class artists in the anime and gaming industry. They continue to support all creators in maximizing their potential creativity with emerging technologies.

Founders with a track record
The founders, who go by the aliases Captain and Ramen have already had two successful exits to SONY and KDDI.

We welcome otaku
IZUMO is steeped in otaku culture, and so if you’re into anime, manga, or vtubers, you’ll be among your kind there.

Build a new app from scratch
They are building a new avatar-related app from scratch; you’ll have a front-row seat to the technical decisions involved and will help influence what the app will become.

English is our official language
Though the founders are Japanese, they have an international mindset, and are looking to connect people globally through virtual entertainment content. They’ve adopted English as the company’s official language, and although some of the Japanese members aren’t fluent yet, they’re working hard to improve their abilities.

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