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4mil - 10mil JPY

Goodpatch was founded in 2011 with a simple mission: demonstrate the power of design. With a focus on UI design, they’ve grown along with the start-ups they’ve partnered with, helping a wide array of companies improve their designs.

Goodpatch has two main businesses: a design partner business and an in-house project business. For design partners, they use their UI/UX design skills to drive the development of new businesses and digital products, from market strategy to concept to design. It’s a fully-featured development service (they even help with hiring and building design organizations).

Their in-house product business consists of building Goodpatch’s own popular services. Their offerings include “Prott”, a design-focused prototyping tool, and “ReDesigner”, an employment platform for designers.

Now Goodpatch has grown to over 170 members and maintains global offices in Berlin, Munich and other locations beyond just Japan. Their goal is to become a leading design company that creates value across the globe and come to represent Japan as a top global design company.

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Founding Date
Naofumi Tsuchiya
Global Employee Count
Japan Employee Count
Global Headquarters
Tokyo (Japan)
Global Offices
  • Berlin (Germany)
  • Munich (Germany)
Japan Headquarters
Tokyo (Japan)
Japan Offices
  • Tokyo (Japan)
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