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Locus Blue is a fast-growing start-up that focuses on the online 3D data analytics platform “ScanX” and Deep Learning-Based 3D point cloud segmentation. Their mission is to unlock the potential of the metaverse by providing its access to anyone in the world.

Locus Blue’s team combines deep expertise in artificial intelligence, GIS, and software product development to empower a broader and more diverse user – from individual surveyors to enterprises in the construction and mining industry.

A year after releasing ScanX, Locus Blue processed over 4000 projects, closed a contract with over 100 enterprises in Japan, and increased their revenue by five times.

Locus Blue is actively hiring talented developers all over the globe.

If you are ready to work on unrivaled technology and be a part of a collaborative and multinational team on a laser-focused mission, Locus Blue is a perfect match.

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