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Sagri is a pioneering social impact startup leveraging satellite data and AI technology to address the global food crisis and climate change.

Sagri provides three primary services.

Actaba: This service focuses on surveying the use of agricultural land. It's already deployed in over 40 municipalities and aims to expand further, evolving based on customer feedback. Actaba stands out as it has no direct competitors and has received positive evaluations from its users.

Detaba: This is an app for surveying crop planting. Utilizing satellite imagery, Detaba infers the crops planted in a given area. This aids municipalities in ensuring lands are used as declared, simplifying the process of granting subsidies and gathering statistical data.

Sagri: Sagri is an app tailored for farming operations. It assists in optimizing fertilizer use by analyzing soil components through satellite imagery. Minimizing excess fertilizer use reduces workload and addresses environmental concerns like global warming.

These services aim to support sustainable agriculture, reduce carbon emissions, and improve farmers' profitability by leveraging carbon credits, particularly in emerging countries.

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