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Tokyo (Otemachi)
6mil - 12mil JPY

beBit is a consultant and engineer group that solves various challenges related to corporate digital transformation.

They support companies from developing UX strategies and designing overall value journeys to individual service design, UX planning, and improvement tasks, providing end-to-end assistance.

By digitizing all experiential data, beBit envisions a world called "After Digital" where there are no boundaries between real and digital, and they actively expand their business and organization while promoting globalization towards achieving "business growth centered on UX" and "social updates through UX.

USERGRAM is beBit's flagship SaaS product, a fast-paced tool that analyzes individual user behavior to inform business plans and marketing strategies. beBit continuously optimizes, evolves, and enhances its usability, ensuring it is easy to use and understand for independent users.

More than 130 companies are using USERGRAM to analyze the behavior from a user base of over a billion people.

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Founding Date
Naoki Endo
Global Employee Count
Japan Employee Count
Global Headquarters
Tokyo, Japan
Global Offices
  • Taipei
  • Shanghai
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  • Tokyo
Public Status
Employ our user-first methodology to empower our clients to provide real value to others and achieve success.