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6mil - 12mil JPY

With the mission of 'Turning encounters into innovation', Sansan provides two key business card-based services: the eponymous 'Sansan'; a contact management solution for corporations, and 'Eight'; a professional networking solution for individuals. Sansan develops advanced technology to turn its users' business cards into powerful, shareable, and actionable data.

Sansan – The database to power your sales

Sansan digitally transforms sales. The combined forces of an unparalleled corporate database and a company's contact database let users uncover hidden business opportunities. Corporate information including industry, number of employees, revenue, and job roles can be used for sales and marketing efforts. Information gained from direct customer contacts, such as business card exchanges, e-mails, and meetings, is digitized with high accuracy and stored in the cloud contact database. The combined data can be used to uncover other chances to do business. Moreover, integrating data in Sansan with third-party systems enables data to be put to even wider use, such as for strengthening corporate governance.

Eight - Manage your contacts and your career

Eight is a business card organizer and professional networking platform. Launched in 2012, Eight now has more than 3 million users. Using both paper and online business cards as the building blocks, Eight puts users’ entire professional networks at their fingertips. Paper business cards are scanned using a proprietary combination of OCR technology and secure human input to digitize each card into a unique Eight profile.
In addition to its contact management abilities, Eight lets users network with each other and expand their career and business opportunities. Users scan their own card to automatically generate their Eight profile. They can then showcase their skills, share news and updates with their Eight network, join events, find job openings, and seek talent.

Sansan's policies during COVID-19 are as follows:

  • First and second interviews are being conducted remotely.
  • Employees are working remotely.
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6,236 million yen (As of May 31, 2020)
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